How to Maintain Your Bike


A well-maintained bike lasts much longer. If you maintain your bike properly you have a better chance of preserving your bike parts and enjoy your cycling! For example, mountain bike chains get worn out and break but these things can be avoided.

Some parts can rust or not work properly and thus, in the long term, pose a threat to your safety and well-being. Maintaining a bike does not take much time. For example, if you are a mountain biker, you just need to clean it after every ride.  As long as you are cleaning your bike regularly, just a simple routine check before leaving is sufficient for you. Don’t forget to check if the tire pressure is right, screws are tight, braking is effective and lighting works… even if your bike looks in good condition.

maintain your bike

Necessary Products:
– Bucket
– Rags, soft brush
– Sponges
– Bike lubricant oil
– Bike degreaser
– Bike cleaner

You will need these cleaning products for maintenance of bike.  You can also opt for All-in-One, a multi-purpose product that loosens, cleans, lubricates and protects your bike. All-in-One contains a resin that protects the frame from external aggression.

Steps to maintain your bike:  

Which products to use for cleaning mountain bike parts?

Equip yourself with the above-mentioned products for bike maintenance. Take a bucket of water and add few drops of bike cleaner in it.  Be careful not to use any detergent product because some of these products can damage the frame and other parts of your bike. Get yourself a clean place and make sure that there is some free space around the bike.

Cleaning the frame and wheels

The frame can be cleaned with the help of a sponge and a bike cleaning solution. Don’t use water jets because they are too powerful and may damage parts of the bike. Pat each section of your frame, fork and other bicycle parts that do not fear water. As far as the saddle is concerned, make sure that its padding is not of a fabric or material that absorbs water.In case you also want to clean the rims and spokes of your wheels, use a cloth to gently rub them.

maintain your bike

Washing and drying

Now, wash the bike so that there is no trace of soap or cleaning product. Then comes the most important step of cleaning your bike and that is drying it. Take a dry cloth to wipe all the wet areas and this will prevent your bike from getting any premature damage. If the bike or any part of it is left wet, this can be dangerous as the part can rust and become much less effective.

Degreasing and lubricating the chain

Transmission (chain, chain-rings, and sprockets) requires special cleaning. If your chain is dirty or makes noise, it is useful to observe the following steps: First degrease the chain. With the degreaser spray, spray the solution on the sprockets (small chain-rings on the rear wheel) by varying speeds for the entire chain and all chain-rings will get degreased.

The second step after degreasing is lubrication which allows the chain to slide and change speed without any problem. To lubricate the chain, repeat the process of degreasing with oil. Make sure that the entire chain and the chain-rings are oiled well.

maintain your bike

Wipe off the excess oil with a dry cloth if necessary. If there is too much of oil, the chain will get dirty again in no time.

Cleaning other parts

Some parts must be cleaned carefully. Parts such as bike handles (some have poor grip when wet), bike pedals or brakes, even if these are disk brakes, can cause the bike to slide from its position.  A wet brake sometimes makes noise and even performs poorly which can be a matter of concern. So, be careful not to wet these parts when cleaning. In the end, to complement this advice, there is a link to an article on maintenance of bike chain.


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