Climbing Exercises: How To Improve Your Climbing Strength and Skills

improve climbing

Do you want to learn how to improve your climbing by doing climbers exercises with Simond’s Ballsy Board? It could help you improve your strength and endurance. The Ballsy Board is also practical and compact. Watch these four videos produced by climbing experts from Decathlon’s own brand Simond in order to learn how you can improve your climbing, strength and skills!

Warm Up

The first video teaches you how to warm up and start using the product depending on your level.

improve climbing
Shooting SIMOND Climb’Up AIX

Test Your Strength Level

From the second video, you can learn how to determine your strength level, which is really helpful in order to know what you need to work and improve on.

Core Strength Climbers Exercises

The fourth and fifth videos showcase different types of climbers exercises you can do with Ballsy Board, which would improve your strength, stamina, and endurance. There are three levels of difficulties – for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers plus several variations of those exercises.


Aurélie DIDILLON et Damien TOMASI, initiation au secteur du Miroir du Fou, Verdon.

Endurance Climbers Exercises

Do you feel inspired and can’t wait to try the product yourself? Find the Ballsy Board in Decathlon’s climbing accessories range.

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