How to Choose a Balance Bike?


For those of you who don’t know what a balance bike is, it is a training bicycle that helps children learn balance and steering, with no pedals and no drivetrain. These types of bikes have been made out of both metal and wood and they have to be small enough so that the child who is riding it can walk the balance bike while sitting comfortably in the saddle, putting both feet flat on the ground. Our youngsters want to learn how to ride a two-wheel bike so they can go out and have fun with their friends, but at the same time, they’re scared about having to balance. This fear makes the learning part harder and they often end up missing out on the fun times they could have out on the neighborhood streets.

balance bikeHowever, using a balance bike, the kids can easily learn to master this issue without having to be afraid of falling. Before buying a balance bike for your toddler, you should consider some things, such as the price, the weight, the weight capacity, the safety features, etc. So, how to choose the perfect balance bike? Read on and you will discover some useful tips.

There are multiple designs available

Balance bikes are not as simple as they look and as they tell you. When choosing something for your child, you should consider your kid’s choice, of course. Mainly, there is two types or designs on the market – two-wheel and three-wheel bike. We recommend the one with two wheels because it is the best for learning pure balance. Also, it is important you choose a proper color – choose the one that your kid prefers. After all, a well-designed and good-looking balance bike can inspire and engage your child even more. Another crucial consideration before purchasing the best balance bike is its weight.

balance bikeThe weight of the balance bike is important

A toddler bike that is lighter has more advantages than any other (surely you don’t want a bike that gives your kids nightmares when they go ride it or handle it). In general, a balance bike should weigh less than your kid, less than 30% of a child’s body weight. A bike that has adjustable seat or saddle ensures more comfortable ride, so make sure you buy a bike like that.

packshot-ff-c4-ffc45c130ac849a28f9dcadeb68bd32c-spidid-1915406[]tci_pshot_001The weight of the balance bike and the comfort it provides your youngster actually depends on the tires. The bikes have air (pneumatic), solid foam or rubber and plastic tires. We suggest you get one with air tires because they are the best for all-terrain riders, unlike the other one which is lighter, cheaper and easily punctured. Most of the balance bikes that are available in the bike shops don’t have brakes. But if your kid is 3 or older, you should get a bike with hand brakes which are a great secondary option that offers an extreme advantage.

We can conclude that we all want the best for our children, so why not provide them with learning balance through comfortable ride? We are happy if we helped you and hope that you will find the best fit for your kid, one that has all the desired features and one that fits your budget.

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