What To Have In Your Ski Backpack For a Day Out Skiing?

Ski Backpack

We all love skiing and we like to enjoy it to the maximum when being out there on the slopes. There are some necessities that one should have when out skiing, such as having a well-prepared Ski Backpack. These necessities include safety precautions, without which we may be at risk of quite a number of things. Ski equipment is not enough and there are several items that are needed to ensure your day skiing is safe, comfortable and fully enjoyable. Amongst the many things that one would need in one’s Ski adventure are the following items:

Ski Resort Map

One of the most important items to always carry with you while skiing is a Ski Resort Map: while it will help you determining your location it will also be a way to ensure you pick a path that is adapted to your skiing level.

Ski Backpacks 

Ski Backpacks are usually light weighted and well fit for skiing durability. Often, most ski backpacks contain all that one would need for a skiing adventure. If you have plans of skiing at any point in time, you would realise that the ski backpack would contain all you need for your ski trip and also add a touch of convenience to it. Most of the time, you will be able to carry your regular or junior skis or snowboard with your backpack. If you are looking for a lasting and comfortable backpack, we recommend to have a look at our Wed’Ze FS 500 23L Reverse Backpack. Its Reverse system lets you turn the bag quickly around your body and it can also carry your snowboard on the front or your skis on the sides.

Ski Backpack
Wed’Ze FS 500 23L Reverse Backpack

Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles are very important for various reasons, one of the most important being that they are very adaptive to any kind of weather and most times they help one ski through the cloudiest weather. Also, they are mostly incandescent shades that have the right see through space that suits the eyes. Ski Goggles are one of such things that you would want to have in your ski backpack. It is also very useful as it facilitates a trouble-free ski trip. Even in the most annoying snowfall, you don’t have to worry as long as they are on you. If you need 100% Anti UV and Anti Fogging protection, we recommend the Wed’Ze G-Tmax 400 All Weather Goggles that will help you having a clear vision while Skiing or Snowboarding.

Ski Backpack
Wed’Ze G-Tmax 400 All Weather Ski Goggles

If you face difficult Skiing conditions or bad weather, you will need a high-performance anti-fogging screen so that you can be able to enjoy skiing while being safe. For this kind of weather, it is important considering wearing adequate goggles, such as the Wed’Ze G-TMax 400 ones.

Ski Backpack
Wed’Ze G-TMax 400 Bad Weather Ski Goggles


While some people call it a scarf, others may call it a neck warmer. It is usually used during cold weather and during snowfalls. Skiers use the Scarves as a form of cover for their necks when the cold is at its peak. It is very effective for skiers and it is one of the many things that you should carry with you in your backpack. In order to feel warm and well protected, the Quechua Firstheat Scarf represents a good option as it can be very easily stored in a pocket or a backpack.

Ski Backpack
Quechua Firstheat Scarf


It is one of the important items every skier needs to have to protect his ears. It has become more common to see skiers with Beanies than with helmets. The helmet is used to protect your head from injury while skiing but the Beanie is usually used when skiers want to take a break. Most skiers have made it a norm to keep using the beanie while they race on. The hats / beanies come in diverse colours depending on your preferences. The Wed’Ze Fur Hat offers perfect thermal insulation thanks to a blend of acrylic and wool and comes in three different colours for you to choose from.

Ski Backpack
Wed’Ze Fur Hat

Ski Midlayer

The ski Midlayer is more of a turtlenecked vest which is used by many skiers. It is quite soft and elastic enough to enable a skier to jump at every given time without getting hurt. Also, it is one essential part of a skier’s kits as is make you feel warm and comfortable. While allowing for proper ventilation, it also gives the skier the appropriate warmth during cold weather situations. It also has more technical versions which are more adapted to snowboarders. The ski mid layer is no doubt an important part of your ski clothing kit. The Wed’Ze Midwarm 100 Women’s Ski Midlayer enables you to have good ventilation while trapping the hot air which is something you will definitely enjoy while skiing!

Ski Backpack
Wed’Ze Midwarm 100 Women’s Ski Midlayer

Sun Cream 

The Sun Cream function is quite important while skiing. It prevents you from getting burned or irritated skin while skiing. It needs to be definitely part of the list of things you want to have in your ski backpack. Also it is very important to choose the right protection type that is appropriate for your skin and to the weather conditions of the day: to do so we recommend browsing our Online Range of Sun Creams so you can find the one best suited for your needs.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are a perfect snack which you can have in your backpack. They are mainly used to restore the energy lost while skiing. It is common and recommended to carry energy bars while skiing or snowboarding so that you can have a quick and full of vitamin snack break.

Action Cameras

The helmet of a skier is usually equipped with a place for an action camera. An action camera helps you to discover the distance covered and can take records of your skiing activities. It is also a good way to follow your performance and to capture happy memories of your skiing or snowboarding trip. Are you looking for a Full HD Action Camera with Wi-Fi control? If the answer is yes, the Geonaute G-Eye Full HD sport Camera will help you record your fun skiing moments.

Ski Backpack
Geonaute G-Eye 500 Full HD Sport Camera

Want More Information?

If you are planning to go Skiing, you need to consider safety as a key aspect. For more information, read our Skiing Tips on How To Stay Safe On The Slopes.

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