Skiing With Kids: How To Dress Your Child To Go Skiing?


Skiing with kids can be both fun and wildly entertaining. But if they are not properly dressed and equipped they can get injured or sick. Thus, this article is fully dedicated to suggesting a great skiing dressing code for kids so you can have a stress-free skiing trip. Here are the products that are basically a must in dressing your kids for the slopes.

Waterproof Jackets that will keep your kids warm

The wind on the mountains, accompanied with the wet conditions can do extraordinary damage if not dressed properly.  The Wed’ze 300 Girls Ski Jacket is one of the ideal jackets for your daughter. It’s waterproof and breathable and made from 150q/sq.m wadded filling which will keep her warm even in the most freezing conditions. The Wed’ze 300 Boys Ski Jacket on the other hand is the boys version of the same jacket. Both are the perfect solution for kids ski jacket options.

Skiing With Kids
Wed’Ze Slide 300 Girls’ Ski Jacket

Adjustable, Waterproof and Comfortable Kids Ski Trousers

Kids ski jackets and kids ski trousers are two sports wear items that are a must. Again, like ski jackets, the ideal trousers must be waterproof, crafted from thick material that will keep them warm even in the coldest conditions. The suggested trousers for kids are the Wed’ze SL100 Boy’s Ski Trousers because of their adjustable parts, while the simple Warm Kids Black Trousers are also an option just to make sure that the cold will not get under the skin.

Skiing With Kids
Wed’Ze SL100 PNF Boys’ Ski Trousers

Kids Ski Midlayer For Extra Protection

A good Kids Ski Midlayer will additionally keep your kids warm and protected. It is one of the most protective and therefore important parts of the whole ski wear. They are additionally important, because if your kid gets hot and wants to take off the ski jacket, the quality Midlayer like the Wed’Ze Midwarm 500 Kids’ Ski Midlayer, will still offer the needed protection.

Skiing With Kids
Wed’Ze Midwarm 500 Kids’ Ski Midlayer

Ski Gloves And Mittens

Keeping the hands protected and wet-free is another thing parents must remember to do. Even though kids tend to repeatedly ask to take them off, don’t let them. One of the best ski gloves are the Wed’ze 300 Children’s Gloves. They are waterproof, made from durable material and will keep your kid’s hands warm no matter the outside temperature. The Children Mittens are also another good option for protection of the hands while skiing.

Skiing With Kids
Wed’Ze Slide 300 Childrens’ Gloves

Thick And High Quality Socks

The thick and high-quality socks are one of the ski wear that is often neglected. Regular socks will not do the work in winter conditions. Instead go for warm kids ski socks that are thick, are at least 50% made from wool to make the feet warm and protected. Usually these kids skiing socks are also adjusted so they can fit the ski boots with comfort and do not cause any discomfort like the normal socks. The Wed’ze warm kids socks are another solid option.

Skiing With Kids
Wed’Ze Warm 100 Kids Ski Socks

Kids Ski Helmet

Don’t even let your kids make one move without a helmet. At the end of the day you are dealing with snow and ice and unpredictable situations can occur. The head can largely suffer in any small or larger accident. So, pick a sturdy, thick kids ski helmet that can absorb shocks and hits and has impact protection. Pick helmets that have good ventilation and are lightweight so that you can be fully safe while skiing with kids. The Wed’ze H400 Kids Ski Helmet is a helmet that satisfies all standards for a stress-free skiing with your kids.

Skiing With Kids
Wed’Ze H400 Kids Ski Helmet

Durable And Protective Ski Goggles

You don’t want the wind or the sun to cause problems to your kids and their skiing. Thus, the kids ski googles are also another piece of equipment that your kids must have.  Make sure they are anti-fogging, offer proper visibility and give the comfort while skiing. The Wed’ze Bones 500 All Weather Ski Googles are one of the sleekest and most safe ski googles that kids will adore! These ski googles are also one of the best for younger kids.

Final Thoughts

Skiing with Kids can be a fun process, but acquiring the right equipment and dressing them properly is surely a must. It will keep them safe from injuries and illness that can easily occur if the proper equipment is not used.

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