Top Running Shoes for Kids

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Choosing regular shoes for your kids is not always easy. The market offers all kinds of shoes, from shoes with flashing lights, to shoes with squeakers, with superheroes drawn on their sides, shoes from fancy brands and no-name brands, to shoes with laces and Velcro closures, etc. But, if your child is an aspiring runner and wants to become a successful runner one day, choosing the right running shoes for kids is very important. If your kid is a teen then finding the right running shoes is generally pretty easy and simple. The harder thing to do is find the perfect athletic footwear if you have a runner under 12 years old. Then, there is your budget, the measures, the fit, the style and label, and many more things to be considered.

What to Consider When Buying Kids Running Shoes

There isn’t something out there that is “the best shoe” because every kid has different needs. Many things that are ideal for one child can be terrible for another one, things like the kid’s biomechanics, the weight, the running surfaces, and of course, the shape of the feet. Before going to the running stores, try to read some helpful tips that may come in handy when picking the running shoes kids for his/her road-running or trail-running.Every child runs differently, but there is something that every runner does – pronating. Pronation is the inward movement of our foot as it rolls to distribute the force of impact of the ground as you run. According to this, a child that excessively roll their feet inward is called over-pronator, while a child whose feet don’t roll that much is called under-pronator. When you find out what type of running feet does your kid have, you can go to the running store and ask the salesperson for help. Knowing your kid’s foot is the first and main step in finding the matching running shoes for kids. We searched the Internet and came up with the best 5 running shoes for kids, for boys and girls who love to run on the road or trail.

children's running shoesTop 5 Running Shoes Kids

  1. For kids that are running and seek for comfort, we have the lightweight and cushioning running shoes, called Kalenji Ekiden One Child’s Running Shoes. These running shoes kids are ideal for athletics beginners, providing them with comfort at a low price.
  2. At number two we have a pair of running shoes for kids called Kalenji Eliofeet Children’s Running Trainers. They are very flexible, they’re enhancing the foot motion and providing good support and cushioning perfect for running. Besides, they’re designed with the easy fastening system.
  3. For your kid that run in athletic clubs, school or training sessions in a wet weather, the Kalenji Ekiden Active Kids’ Lace-Up Running Shoes are the perfect fit. Light, comfortable, keeping the kids’ feet dry when running in wet weather or wet grass.
  4. We chose the Kalenji Children’s Athletics Trainers with Spikes at number 4 because they are ideal and amazingly designed for kids that are track training and competing in races.
  5. Finally, we have another pair of great running shoes for kids, which are comfortable and have cushioning, called Asics Windhawk Children’s Running Shoes. Also, the color is superb!

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