Top 10 Winter Best Places For Trail Running In The UK

Trail Running

Anyone that is quite familiar with the UK countryside would definitely agree that there are many amazing Winter Running Trails out there. The UK environment offers large natural landscapes which makes it a very interesting and relaxing place for Trail Running. Also it is always a good idea to go for a trail run in the UK during the winter period as you can fully enjoy getting some fresh air. There are some important aspects you need to consider while planning to go for a Trail Run in the UK, such as being well prepared.

Running in the countryside of Britain is a lot of fun and also allows you to discover less known places. In fact it is not uncommon to find winter running trails in peaceful and calm zones. To mention a few of these Britain running trails would include:

West Cornwall

West Cornwall happens to be an aesthetic environment that is more of a hilly shape. It looks more like a mountain and has the soil in it predominantly clay. It is close to a very large Atlantic coastline which is why it can be cold during the winter period. Besides this aspect, it offers large fields that are perfect for running and this is why most of the people living around enjoy it. In such an environment, being well prepared is key which is why we recommend to wear trail running shoes for your comfort and safety. The Kalenji Elio Feel Trail Running Shoes represent a good option as they offer high flexibility and a thick and soft foam.

North Devon

The North Devon region of the United Kingdom is much more grassy which makes it very suitable for trail running. It is very close to a large coast which offers a very beautiful view. In such an environment, exploration is key as you will go through different landscapes. Again, being well equipped is a must as the area might be cold in winter!

Trail Running
North Devon (©Martin Bodman)

The South Downs

Many people call this zone the chalk zone because of the silt soil that can be found around its environment. Like the other trail running areas, it is also very close to a large coast but the main difference is that the soil has formed some kind of wall close to the coast. Because of this “wall” it has become a famous place for trail running. It is a very cold zone during winter and this is why wearing trail running shoes while going around such an environment is a must.

Trail Running
The South Downs (©


The Norfolk region is close to a lake and ground soils are quite sandy: as a result, it becomes very beautiful when winter comes. Running in Norfolk will enable you to discover diverse environments, from sandy beaches to more grassy fields. We personally like the beautiful Horsford Woods that are very quiet and perfect for a short break.

The Peak District

The peak district is a combination of woods and grasses. It is a cliffy region and very well adapted for winter running. It is very common to find lots of trail runners’ in this region as it represents a total length of 27 miles when including all of its sections. To be fully prepared for such a trip, we recommend having a backpack to carry your supplies, such as the Small Kalenji Running Trail Bag.

Trail Running
Peak District (©Wikipedia Commons)

The Howgills

Anyone that knows about this region would immediately tell you that it is one of the most peaceful and relaxing ones. Thanks to its nice variety of flowers, it represents the perfect place for relaxing while enjoying your winter trail run. It is also a challenging area as the highest point is located at 676 metres but is very rewarding, especially when you reach the Cautley Spout Waterfall which is quite spectacular.


This region is also a very famous place for trail running. It requires lots of energy during the winter period because of the cold but is very rewarding considering the beauty of its amazing landscapes. Here, the great variety of wildlife will make you feel very relaxed, especially if you stop and take a deep breath in front of the waves where you will be able to fully enjoy the stunning panorama.

Trail Running
Northumberland (©Ian Wilson)

Gower Peninsula 

Gower has been the first place in Britain being designated as “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. Thanks to its varied wildlife it has become a source of inspiration for many trail runners. Anyone who has been running in this area has his favourite beach and paths. As the Gower Peninsula is very rarely crowded, it is a good option if you are considering going trail running on your own or with some of your friends.


This place is mostly known for its walking and climbing areas but has more recently seen more and more trail runners coming. It has become gradually famous thanks to the variety of landscapes it has to offer. A good example of this is the conifer forest of Coed & Brenin or the Llyn Elsi hidden lake.

Trail Running
Snowdon (©Jeff Buck)

Fort William & Lochaber

Anyone knowing this region would know that it is mostly explored by runners and climbers because it is a very pleasant and relaxing place for trail running in winter. Located at the heart of Scottish Highlands and at the foot of Ben Navis, it also offers good places to rest and relax so you can fully enjoy the rest of your running trail.

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