Running In Winter: How To Keep Warm

Running In Winter

We all enjoy running in winter, and during this season it might be more challenging than in others because of the weather conditions. Winter is actually the coldest time of the year and most of the time it comes with occasional snow falls. Therefore there are some must-have items you need to get in order to be well prepared and can fully enjoy your run while being well protected. In addition to safety, comfort is a key aspect which is why you should wear the appropriate equipment that keeps your body warm at all times. Some of the few things which you require in order to stay safe and warm while running in winter would include the following items:

Warm Running Tights For Men

Generally, running tights can be either short or long. While short ones are convenient for running in normal weather conditions, long ones can make you feel warmer when running in winter. Long Running tights will help you by maintaining your body at a comfortable temperature. Also, it can make you more visible at night for the ones that have retro-reflective parts such as the Kalenji Run Warm Men’s Running Tights. They are also very convenient and easy to carry in a backpack. In addition to that, running tights will help you by blocking the wind and helps your blood circulate in a better way. It can also be a reflection of your personality as they are often available in different flashy colors.

Running In Winter
Kalenji Run Warm Men’s Running Tights

Long Sleeve Running Tops For Men

Long sleeve running tops for men are usually round or turtle necked tops that make you fell warm enough to enjoy your winter runs. As the winter period is a very bad time to catch a cold, long sleeve running tops represent a good way to avoid falling sick. Unlike running tights for men, some long sleeve running tops are specifically designed for men’s use, such as the Kalenji Elio ML TS.

Running In Winter
Kalenji Elio ML TS

Warm Running Tights For Women

Unlike Running Tights for men, the ones designed for women are usually a bit shorter. As men’s running tights, they provide high protection and warmth while being very resistant and will help you enjoy your winter runs. For example, the Kalenji Ekiden Women’s Warm Running Tights provides good isolation from the cold and also have some reflective sections that will keep you safe at night.

Running In Winter
Kalenji Ekiden Women’s Warm Running Tights

Long Sleeve Running Tops For Women

Long sleeve running tops for women look more elastic and fashionable. They also tend to look a lot like regular women sports clothes which are usually round necked, such as the Kalenji ElioPlay Long Sleeved Running Jersey. The design of long sleeved running tops for women will help you feel free and comfortable while running in winter.

Running In Winter
Kalenji ElioPlay Long Sleeved Running Jersey

Running Gloves

Whether in winter or during spring or autumn, running gloves are always useful. Running gloves are quite different from regular ones because they are usually cotton made and thicker in other to avoid any form of injury to your hand in case of falling. Running gloves are very efficient in winter because they prevent your hands from being cold and can also add a fashionable touch depending on their colour. We recommend the Kalenji Adult Running Gloves as they offer good thermal insulation.

Running In Winter
Kalenji Adult Running Gloves

For More Information

Running in Winter is always challenging but also grants more satisfaction. Nevertheless, there are some safety considerations that no one should forget about while running at night in winter.

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