A Guide to Running Shoe Spikes


What Are Running Spikes?

In case you’ve been wondering what are running shoe spikes, we can avoid confusion further down the road. The answer is pretty simple – running shoes that allow you to run faster. These athletic spikes are light-weighted, close-fitting, designed with a series of threads on their base into which are screwed “athletic spikes”. The spikes can be made out of metal of ceramic and they are neatly screwed into the designated holes on the base of the shoes. Athletic spikes are specially designed to avoid slipping while running, they make your force in a forward direction and are much lighter than the regular trainers.

What to Consider When Buying Athletic Spikes?

There is a wide range of athletic spikes available on the market, such as spikes designed for short sprints, for long sprints, for middle distances, cross country spikes, for the steeplechase, for field events, etc. This is why it can be quite a hassle when choosing the right ones for you. Before you march down the stores, you should consider some things and read this helpful buyer’s guide to athletic spikes. Ask yourself why do you need a pair of spikes, will you be using them in your training and racing, what terrain will you be racing, do you have any injuries that might become worse by wearing athletic spikes and what is your exact budget. The spikes’ prices vary a lot, meaning you can find both cheap and expensive models. When you’re looking for the right ones, make sure you choose a reputable and reliable running store. In those stores, the staff is educated and experienced, they will guide you through the process, help you choose the perfect fit and make sure you end up with the best spikes for your foot and your event. Also, you can order and purchase athletic spikes online. All you have to do is find a website that sells them but makes sure you discuss your needs with your coach or another person who had a good understanding of what you need, before ordering them.

running shoe spikesWhen you have already chosen a model, the next thing to do is to choose the right fitting size. Some athletes prefer a lighter fit for their athletic spikes and others like smaller sizes to snug. So, when you’re at the store, try several models in order to find the perfect fit, like it’s meant for your foot. If you’re a sprinter, then the obvious choice for you is the spring athletic spikes, which have no padding in the heels and they have a smoother surface for better aerodynamics. If you’re a slower runner, you can buy middle distance spikes, if you’re a much slower runner you can get the long distance spikes, if you like to run off the track you can get the cross-country athletic spikes, etc. In the end, choose the proper shape of the spikes because they come in various shapes as well, such as pyramid spikes, needle spikes, studs, etc.

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