Food for Runners: What should we eat to improve our running skills?

food for runners

Would you like to improve your running skills and become a better runner? With the right diet, eating healthy, protein rich food, you can take your runs to the next level, feel at ease and achieve amazing progress.

No matter if you are preparing for a marathon, or simply you are not satisfied with your current running skills, you can improve your performance eating food, recommended for runners. Here are the best food suggestions, good for runners, researched and gathered from nutritionists.


They contain vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant that is needed by people who run. Also, when you crave for food because of the energy and calories burned while running, almonds will help you because they contain protein, healthy Omega 3 acids and carbohydrates and simply are a great snack.

There are many ways that you can incorporate them into your diet. Simply, add them to a salad or make healthy cookies (for the resting days). The list is endless, and there are tons of almonds recipes available online. You can see some of our healthy energy bar recipes here.

food for runnersEggs

Eggs provide the protein needed to restore the health of your muscles after a good running session. If you consume protein before you go running, you will increase your endurance, and if you consume post-workout it will repair the damage to the muscle tissues after the intensive run and workout. If you eat eggs for breakfast, it is the easiest way to gain the necessary daily intake of protein. Plus, they are cheap and natural while buying whey protein powder is not.

Foods with Carbohydrates

Each person that wants to improve their running skills needs to eat carbohydrates. If your sole purpose of running is losing weight, then you should avoid too many carbohydrates. But if you need longer, faster and more energetic runs you need to increase the intake.

However, it requires little sacrifice and effort to get it from the right sources. Avoid the white bread and replace it with whole-grain bread and foods, so that you get a much healthier dose of carbohydrates that act as fuel for your body.

Carbohydrates also come from fruits and other natural products. There are good carbs and bad carbs. You need both, but the less of the bad ones, the better. A great way to incorporate carbs into a diet is taking breakfast cereal whole grain and fruits. You can add almonds as suggested previously. Healthy food can taste nice if prepared properly and you can most certainly find many fruits and vegetables that are filled with good carbohydrates.

Banana before or during the run

The banana is a magical fruit. It contains tons of carbohydrates, potassium, and magnesium, ingredients that are extremely important for a better run. So, try to eat one banana before or during the run (in case of a long run). It will give you significantly much more energy and endurance because of its great ingredients.

food for runnersChicken

Chicken is recommended everywhere as one of the best foods for athletes. Literally, every athlete that wants to improve performance, or maintain and build muscle eats chicken. This is because the chicken is really low in fat and high in proteins and carbs. For more powerful runs and better diet implement chicken or meals with chicken at least 3 times a week, especially on the days when you train. Consume it after the runs.

Final Thoughts and suggested meal

The food that is rich in carbs and proteins is the best type of food for runners, but there are some details that need to be remembered. Eat food that is not hard on the stomach and is easy to digest. Eat food and fruits rich in carbs before the run and lean protein and carbs after the run for better recovery. Watch the quantities as well. We’ll conclude this article with one simple, yet great meal that can improve your run.

– Breakfast: oatmeal, half-banana, skimmed milk

– Lunch: 2 eggs, goat cheese, whole-grain bread

– 1 banana 10 minutes before run

– 200 gr. Chicken breast with vegetables (sweet potatoes are a good option)

– Almonds as snack

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