5k Running Guide: How to reach 5k in 8 weeks?

5k running guide

Running can cure our mind and body. It can help us lose weight and stay in great shape. But, running is one of the most demanding exercises for the human body. Here is a 5k running guide that can be of great help to anyone that wants to start running as a beginner.

Running is one of the hardest exercises for the human body. It is a cardio training and a full body workout and it requires great physical shape. There are several techniques that can improve running and prepare anyone for any type of marathon. If you are interested in getting in shape and being able to run 5 kilometers in 8 weeks, we’ve prepared a simple, yet constructive and useful 5K Running Guide.

Diet and Determination

Like any goal you pursue in life, the running also requires determination. Easily, running is one of the sports activities that people quit the most. Thus, you need to show great determination, motivation and to never quit just because it is hard to get in shape after the few first runs. Don’t quit because you’ll have problems breathing, as you keep going after the 5 or 6-th time you will not feel anything and you will be close and close to reaching 5k.

Dieting is one of the keys to keeping your determination and focus. Dieting can not only influence the quality and length of your runs, it can also help you get in shape much faster. Avoid fats and sugars, and eat more fruit, vegetables, high-protein foods and drink at least 2 liters of water each day.

Weekly Plan

5k run is extremely hard, but it is achievable in 8 weeks. In order to achieve it, you have to plan your runs on a weekly basis. Simply set weekly amount of km/miles that need to be completed. Run 3 to 4 times a week and complete 20-25% of the miles each week. You should combine relaxing, easy, hard and long run each week for better results. Always try to rest between the runs. Additionally, for better and faster results, you have to include full body exercises each week. Here is one good weekly plan we recommend you start with.

Monday – 30 minutes of light full body exercises (including all muscle groups)

Tuesday – 10-20 minutes light jogging (where you can alternate between running and walking every 5 minutes, 5 minutes running alternating with 2 minutes walk)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 10-20 minutes medium intensity run (after each 10 minutes, you can take 2 minutes walk if you need to)

Friday – Rest

Saturday –  20-30 minutes medium intensity run and 20 minutes light work out

Sunday – 30 minutes long run in comfortable pace

Each week you can increase the time and intensity of your run, depending on how you feel. However, this is individual and everyone needs to get to know their own physical abilities and find their own pace and duration of the run.

Note that the full body exercises have to include squats, press-ups, bridges, super-man and abs exercises. Workouts and the 8-week preparation plan should be enough for you to accomplish the end goal.

Intensify the workouts and runs as you progress

Logically this should be intensified and improved every week as you approach the 8-th week. This means that in the last week your comfortable runs duration should be around 40 minutes, which will definitely assure you the 5k goal. The workouts need to be gradually intensified as well. You will feel better, so the body itself will start demanding more and more.

photo_int_kalenji_f3r8169-okHave the proper running accessories

Throughout the whole process, be sure that you have the proper running accessories. Finding the perfect running shoes will do a large portion of the goal for running 5k in 8 weeks. Good running shoes will release the pressure from the knees and make your feet a lot better. Thus, they enable longer and improved runs. Be sure that they are the right fit as well. There are tons of great models to choose from in our store and you can easily contact us for any fitting advice. Wristbands, Bluetooth headphones, fit bands, GPS running trackers are also great running accessories that can be of great help to track your performance and progress.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the simplest 5K running guides you will find. We tend to keep things simple because in running they really need to be. Running a 5k could be a rather challenging process. It will be hard and demanding, but the rewards at the end are so precious. If you want to be 100% sure that you will make it, simply, be determined and motivated, eat the proper food, train on weekly basis with a plan, rest at least 2 times a week, implement full-body workouts together with the runs and have the proper running accessories. We are pretty sure anyone can do it! So, let’s go!

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