Top 10 Hiking Essentials you need right now

top 10 hiking essentials

Within this guide, Decathlon provides you with a list of essential items for your hiking trip. In order to enjoy your hike, you have to bring some essential with you to ensure you will enjoy your day to the fullest, stay safe and warm while hiking. There are Top 10 Hiking Essentials we recommend you to bring with you. This guide is applicable for a daytime hike with your friends and family.

The first two essentials are water and food:

  • Water (1 to 2 L per person depending on the season), our water bottles are specially designed for this purpose.
  • You should bring some food like dried fruit bars, picnic snacks and other foods that can keep your energy levels up.

The second group of things you have to consider is suitable hiking clothes, they will allow you to feel comfortable and stay dry during your hike:

Backpacks are also a very important essential, you need to have in order to secure your belongings and keep your food and water dry.

  • The hiking backpack is a must for an enjoyable hike. If you a hiking with kids, you can find kids backpacks, that will help your kid get the full on hiking experience.

The last set of things are hiking accessories, every hiker needs to have in hand:

  • Torch or headlamp such as our Quechua hiking torches
  • Charged mobile telephone or additional battery and useful emergency numbers (112).
  • A compass and altimeter, in case you get off track. Having a map is a good idea as well, especially if you are not familiar with the hiking route
  • First aid kit (plasters, disinfectant spray, compress, aspirin…)

After carefully going through the list and ensuring you have all the hiking essential, you are ready to hike and enjoy a day out in nature!

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