How to stay dry when hiking?

stay dry when hiking

Hiking in late summer and autumn can offer you the most beautiful sights, which can amaze even the most choosy hiker. You should definitely not miss on the opportunity to experience hiking at that time of year just because you are afraid of getting wet! So you need the right equipment in order to able to face any weather conditions, stay dry and enjoy the empty hiking routes. If you want to know how to stay dry when hiking, follow this steps:

But remember: the first precaution to take is always, of course, to check the weather.

Having a drizzle or light rain while hiking is one thing, but doing a hike in the pouring rain is definitely a completely different story and by far not the best experience in the world. We recommend you to stay safe and dry at home if you see that the weather is dreadful and not try to be a superhero, even if it is just for the day.

 1. Make sure you equip yourself with waterproof clothing that will protect you against the rain.

Waterproof jacket and trousers are two essentials. They’re usually very light and easy to carry with you in your backpack. Some overtrousers even come with zipping fasteners along the calf, so you can put them on over your boots without having to take them off. Very convenient while hiking.

2. Get yourself some waterproof boots: hiking with wet feet is never very pleasant and can increase rubbing and discomfort. So remember to take waterproof boots, and if they’re a few years old, don’t hesitate to re-waterproof them the day before you set off.

3. Gaiters can offer further protection to keep your boots dry! Made of waterproof fabric, they cover your shoes.

kv4. Take an umbrella, preferably a lightweight, compact one that is easy to carry around in your backpack. It may come as a surprise, but if it rains, an umbrella remains a useful addition to your outfit. Of course, if the weather turns stormy, avoid using it for precaution.

5. Invest in high-tech warm, breathable clothing. It is important that the clothes you wear under your waterproof jacket properly wick away body moisture. Otherwise, you’ll end up soaking wet and that will diminish the fun you are having while hiking in the rain.

6. Protect your backpack. Staying dry, indeed, is essential, but if the change of clothes you carry on your back gets wet, all your efforts will turn to be useless. Protecting your backpack with a waterproof cover is a good start but it might not be enough. The best option is to wrap your backpack in a plastic bag to keep everything dry even if the cover and the backpack itself get wet.

7. Provide some waterproof protection for your valuables. Map, camera, phone, wallet, documents need looking after more carefully. Ideally, you should have waterproof covers that even after a contact with water would guarantee that the contents inside remain perfectly dry. The one for your map should allow you to still check it and read it even in the rain, so you don’t lose your way.

And of course, even though it may not protect you from the rain, consider taking one or more hiking headlightswhich can be used with different attachments so you can be seen and visible even from far away. Now you should be all set to do your summer-autumn hike, even if rain is your companion for some parts of it.



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