Five Top Tips To Enjoy Your First Ski Holiday


Going away on your first ski holiday can sometimes be a daunting experience. There’s not knowing what to expect, wondering whether you have the correct equipment and wondering whether you’ll be able to handle a week on the slopes. At Decathlon we have put together five top tips which will be sure to help you enjoy your first ski holiday and help you have an experience to remember.

Top Tip 1: Take a small day pack out with you. You should take some water and snacks in a backpack each time you head out. It is important to continue to fuel your body as you’ll burn calories throughout your day on the mountain. It is also vital to stay hydrated. It may be tempting to use snow to hydrate your body but don’t ditch the water bottle in favour of fresh snow as this will lower your body temperature and actually waste some of your energy.

Top Tip 2: Many people wouldn’t dream of leaving their home without their mobile phone, so don’t make the mistake of leaving your mobile behind when you’re on the mountain. If you get left behind, lose your way, or are unable to ski to the bottom of a run after a bad fall, a mobile phone can help you to rejoin friends and family or make an emergency call.

Top Tip 3: Remember to layer up – don’t just wear a t-shirt and a jacket and think you will be fine. I would recommend wearing a thermal top, a t-shirt, a fleece and then your jacket. For your legs I would recommend thermal bottoms and salopets. When you get too warm you can take off a layer, such as your fleece or t-shirt and put it in your bag, but don’t take off your jacket – you should always be wearing that!

Top Tip 4: Spare clothing; base layers or gloves can also make a handy addition to a day pack. Losing one glove whilst on a chairlift is always frustrating and can put an end to a day’s skiing. So why not carry a spare pair so you can continue to hit the slopes without having to worry about frostbite or having to fork out for a new pair in a pricey resort store?

Ski gloves are essential, and having spare pairs will be incredibly useful too!
Ski gloves are essential, and having spare pairs will be incredibly useful too!

Top Tip 5: Don’t go crazy! If you are going away abroad on a ski/snowboard holiday the chances are it will be for a week at least. So when you get on the slopes, don’t think “I need to get to the fastest and steepest run first”. Take your time and enjoy all the runs, you will have plenty of time to try every run a good few times, even the big ones. It is better to take it slow and enjoy yourself than going crazy on your first run and injuring yourself.

Finally and most importantly, HAVE FUN! It is a holiday after all, be sure to snap some photos to show to relatives and friends when you return home.

Hopefully these top tips will leave you feeling satisfied with your holiday and have you enjoying many more in the future.

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