Yoga for beginners: How to choose your first yoga kit?

first yoga kit

Are you new to yoga? Yoga is a great way to get started if you are looking for a way to relax your body and increase flexibility. Yoga doesn’t need to be a kit-heavy activity. Below are some bits of yoga kits and equipment to help you get started.

  • Yoga mat
    A very essential yoga kit. The one piece of kit every aspiring yoga needs is a mat. It is used to prevent hands and feet slipping during the different postures. Therefore, it acts as a cushion. They are also known as non-slip mats.
  • Yoga blocks
    They help to create a stable standing pose when you can’t reach the floor with ease.
  • Yoga strap
    It helps you reach and hold your leg, foot or hand when you can’t be able to reach them. Straps let you experience correct alignment and gain the benefits of the particular yoga pose.
  • Yoga bolster
    Used to support your spine, legs and abdomen in specific poses.
  • Blanket
    At the end of a session, you will need a blanket to keep yourself warm and comfortable during the ‘Shavasana’ pose.

first yoga kitThe above yoga kits have such a big influence on the integrity of your poses it’s worth finding the right one. Yoga clothes are also worth shopping for but depending with your budget you can choose them from your wardrobe. Here’s what to consider when buying yoga kits:

  • Think about the environment. Most mats are made from PVC which is not environment-friendly. Yoga mats that are made from eco-friendly materials such as cotton or rubber can be a better option considering they are slip resistant and kinder to the environment.
  • Buy from a known brand. Some stores are very reputable when it comes to having the best yoga kits, that test their products and always innovate in order to provide the best quality products.
  • Invest in quality yoga kits. Always buy yoga pants that offer the ideal balance between comfort, control and support. For yoga mats, comfort needs to come first, too, so try which mat feels the best to you: the material, the thickness, even sometimes the colour should be taken into consideration. High-quality yoga accessories are the lead to successful yoga sessions.
  • Try Before You Buy. It is best that you borrow a friend’s mat or yoga block before you purchase your own. Use it for a few minutes and try a couple of postures just to check how comfortable it is.
  • You may want a thick yoga mat to prevent your knees from hurting. If you buy a thick and dense mat you bones will be well cushioned during the poses and you will be stable.
  • Decide whether you want a mat that comes with shades and patterns or just blank. Most women go for flowered mats whereas men like to use a one color mat. Sometimes choosing a mat with vibrancy will help you tune to a meditative space at the end of the day. The choice is all yours.

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