Product Review: Domyos Strap Training


Domyos Strap Training

If you want to know the truth, I am what you call the Occasional Gym-Goer; I joined early in the year with the best intentions and then, having endured a few weeks of spin class at ridiculous o’clock on a Monday morning, quickly withdrew my subscription in search for an easier and admittedly, cheaper alternative. If you too have struggled to muster the motivation to make it to the gym this year, why not give this a try instead?

Strap training has become popular in recent times due to the ease at which you can set it up at home, in a hotel or even in a park. It is also popular due to the vast number of exercises you can perform with it to really get a complete total body workout. From pull-ups and push ups to crunches, squats and dips there really is no limit as to what exercises can be completed with strap training giving you a really complete and functional workout.

So what do you need for strap training? The Strap Training bundle by Domyos includes the all-important training strap, two sets of handles: one for your hands, one for your feet and a deceptively small draw-string bag, allowing you to slip the product neatly into a draw after use or to take with you on the road. For home use, the training strap sandwiches safely between the top of your door and its frame, securing itself in place with a metal fixture coated in rubber so as not to damage any paint work. Simply secure the door shut, and you are ready to begin. Alternatively, if you are hoping to shake-up the conventional workout, take the Strap Training with you on the move! Whether you enjoy the companionship of your friends in the park, or the solitude of an idyllic field away from the city, all you require is a sturdy tree branch, around which the training strap can be secured to; with Domyos’ Strap Training, the choice is yours to make.

If at first you are unsure how to use Strap Training to build your very own full-body workout regime, head over to where a diverse range of exercises can be accessed easily with clear instructions, pictures and professional videos produced by Domyos Sport Coaches who demonstrate and explain exercises to suit the beginner, intermediate and expert.

Whilst using the straps I found that the rubber coated grips were very comfortable and ensured my hands did not hurt during the workout. The length of the training strap is also easily adjustable for when you wish to swap from an upper body workout to a lower body workout. All in all I found Domyos Strap Training to be a versatile tool essential to my fitness regime that was also easy to adapt to my unique lifestyle.

If Strap Training sounds like a workout you would like to try, you can find it exclusively at Decathlon and at a cost which beats its closest competitor. To have this product in your possession is to have your own personal gym at an affordable price and in the comfort of your own home.

To see our full range of fitness equipment head over to or pop into store for expert advice.

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