CrossFit for Beginners: How to Choose Your CrossFit Clothes and Equipment

crossfit for beginners

CrossFit is a form of fitness that leaves you feeling and seeing the results, this is evident through the improvement of body strength conditioning and fitness. Its intensity and variety will keep you interested all the way. If you have just started CrossFit training, or you intend to start, here is a list of the ideal items in CrossFit clothes and equipment that you will need to have.

Along pair of socks

Knee length socks are recommended to protect your shins from scraps and other injuries. When training you will need to do many box jumps, snatches, cleans, and deadlifts. On top of being protective, they can also serve as a fashion statement for you.

Weightlifting shoes

It is essential for you to have a pair of flat sole shoes. This will come in handy when you are working on your lifts. They keep your heels down close to the ground allowing you to perform a full range of motion squats without wavering forward by the angle of your shoes. You can get a pair of your most comfortable affordable shoes at the Decathlon UK.

Jump Rope

This is an essential requirement in you CrossFit equipment. It works best when sized to your exact body proportions. Owning a Jump Rope will enable you to speed up your learning process in the complex jump classes such as the double under. Decathlon UK will help you shop for a rope that works best for you.

Crossfit for beginnersStopwatch

It is so much fun when you record time used to perform a task or just how long it took you to do a particular workout. With time as you learn, you can see the gradual improvement by being able to record the time since when you began training going forward.


Performance tracking is important in CrossFit. Having a record of your workouts and lifts enables you to set personal goals of the achievements that you want to have after a given period. Crossfit aims at making you a better person every day and that rising graph on your notebook is very motivational.


Nothing should nag you when you are enjoying your CrossFit training, not even those frizzy annoying sweaty hairs, that will get stuck in your neck and face. Just tie them up. At Decathlon UK you will get all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes of headbands.

crossfit for beginnersWrist wraps

Wrist wraps provide added wrist support during overhead and heavy lifts sessions.

Hand Grips

Some hands will end up ripping no matter what you do. Do not let those hands hold you back from CrossFit training. Get a handgrip; it is easy to use. Just slip it on your middle and ring finger, then Velcro around your wrist. They offer a protective layer to your arm and make you comfortable.

Callus Shaver

In CrossFit, your hands are bound to get some calluses due to the increased friction. When they build up and rip off, it becomes quite painful and not appealing. You can use callus shaver to remove this dead skin. Soak the affected part in water, wait until it becomes soft and then take the callus off.

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