Winter Cycling: What to Wear in Winter?

winter cycling

It looks like winter may have arrived so what to wear? We’ve all heard the old saying that there’s no such thing as the wrong weather just the wrong clothing. The same goes for when we’re out on our bikes. So here’s a quick rundown of how to keep riding, stay warm and at the same time enjoy winter cycling.

Cycling Base Layers

winter cycling
b’Twin Aerofit Windproof Long Sleeve Cycling Base Layer

First off a good base layer is essential. One that’s close fitting to wick away any moisture or dampness from the skin. That way your skin doesn’t feel cold or clammy. Ideally you need a base layer that’s thermal with a windproof membrane to keep the chill out. Long sleeve or short sleeve is down to personal preference and how much you feel the cold.


Cycling Tights

winter cycling
b’Twin Aerofit Cycling Bib Tights

Tights are essential in winter. It’s important to keep your legs covered when the temperature drops. No bare legs ! Exposed muscles feel the cold which can lead to injuries so keep them covered up ! Bibs or waist tights ? Again it’s down to personal preference. Bibs are more comfortable and keep you warm as it’s an extra layer on top. And they stay where there supposed to without slipping down ! Look for tights that have are thermal with a fleece lining and preferably with a windproof membrane on the thighs to keep the cold winds out.


Warm Cycling Jackets

The best one’s are fleece lined to keep the warmth in and windproofing on the outside to keep the chill out. Water repellent panels are even better to keep those showers at bay. Rear pockets are a must for all those on the bike essentials such as gels, food and mobile phone etc. You can always wear a short sleeve jersey underneath as a mid layer above a base layer for some added insulation when the temperature really drops.

winter cycling
b’Twin 700 Warm Cycling Jacket

Cycling Overshoes

It’s a fact that feet do get cold on a bike in winter. The easiest way to keep them warm (and dry !), is to wear a pair of overshoes. Look for a pair that are windproof and waterproof  to keep the cold and rain out. Even better they keep your expensive cycling shoes clean!

winter cycling
b’Twin 700 Aerofit Cycling Overshoes

Cycling Gloves

winter cycling
b’Twin 700 Winter Cycling Gloves

Winter is definitely not the time to be wearing fingerless gloves. You need to be able to operate brakes and gears particularly on the descents, so it’s essential that hands and fingers are kept warm. Proper cycling gloves with a  fleece lining, windproof and water repellent are called for. Nowadays cycling specific gloves even have gel inserts on the palms for added comfort and silicone pads on the fingertips so you can use a touchscreen phone or device!  And for those scarily cold days consider a pair of silk liner gloves to wear underneath your winter gloves.


So there’s our tips for winter riding so now you can get layered up,  and enjoy your winter cycling. If you want to see more, explore our full exclusive cycling gear!

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