Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails in Winter


In the UK, people are very familiar with bikes as they use them either to go to work or during week-ends for Cycling trips. For the bravest ones, Mountain Biking in Winter is even a passion as there are many great Mountain City Bike Trails in the UK. As Winter is the coldest time of the year and can be a period of extreme snowfall, you need to prepare yourself adequately in order to fully enjoy your ride. To mention but a few of the best Winter Mountain Bike Trails in the United Kingdom would include the following.

Nan Bield Pass, Lake District 

The environment of this Mountain Bike Trail is actually aesthetic, it looks exactly like the forming of a whirlwind round about its pathway. This area is considered as a very hard but also rewarding: reaching Nan Bield Pass is technical but you will definitely enjoy reaching the shelter that will allow you to see the whole Kentmere Valley. Be prepared for rocky descents and tough climbs! While riding its routes during winter, it is recommended to go along with bike cleaners, winter cycling gloves and supplies! In order to prevent getting cold, we recommend using a waterproof cycling jacket such as the B’Twin 500 Waterproof Cycling Jacket that has ventilation openings on the back and shoulders.

Mountain Bike Trails
B’Twin 500 Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon, Wales

For everyone that knows Wales well enough, you would understand that the environment is usually very cold. Also, if this area is very busy during Summer times it is generally empty during Winter which is why you will definitely enjoy your Winter trip there. Rhyd Ddu is considered as one of the most relaxing and stunning places for Winter Bike Trails. However please note that there is a bike ban occurring between May until September as the routes are reserved for hikers. The routes of the Snowdon are famous because of their little rocky paths that can lead to a variety of landscapes, including lakes and stunning views. It is indeed the pride of Wales as from the top of the hill, you can view most parts of Wales and of the region. As the area can be quite muddy during winter, we strongly advise you to have adequate mudguards on your bike as well as a bike cleaner. We personally like the B’Twin Bike Cleaner as it offers a capacity of 500mL.

Mountain Bike Trails
Snowdon (©Philip Halling)

Torridon, Scotland

This mountain is one of the finest bike cycling mountains during winter. The pathway for mountain bikes is quite stony and this is why you need to be extra careful while riding through. It has a great view at its peak but can be challenging for you and your bike. Biking on this mountain during winter is a whole lot of fun but again you need to always have the adequate equipment on your bike while you ride it. Here Mud Tyres are important in order for you to fully enjoy your mountain bike trail trip.

Mountain Bike Trails
Loch Torridon (©Oliver Clarke)

Cut Gate Path, Peak District

Here you will enjoy amazing landscapes as well as the Cut Gate itself. There is a funny debate about this Bike Trail as some people say the fastest way to get there is South to North while others prefer going from North to South: both are actually right! In addition, this is the exact place where you would need more of your Bike Mudguards because the soil in the Gate path is a mixture of stones and the loamy soil that can be quite marshy during winter.

Mountain Bike Trails
Peak District (©Paul Stevenson)

Lairig Ghru, Scotland

While this Mountain Bike Trail might be a fantastic zone for winter mountain biking, it is safer to understand that this zone has more rocks to its environment and so one of the most important things that a biker needs to get is a durable mountain bike. In this location, you would find less of mud and so you could go without a mudguard but you must have your winter Cycling Gloves on as well as Bike Lights as it can get dark very fast. It is actually a very good location for winter biking for those who are quite familiar with the environment. However, for the most adventurous ones it would be easy to discern where you need to avoid and where you need not avoid. The Ghru mountain is a perfect touch of nature and many of the winter bikers that come there find the region very attractive.

Mountain Bike Trails
B’Twin 500 Winter Cycling Gloves

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