Review: B’Twin Count 8 Wireless Cycling Computer


A great way to enhance your cycling performance at recreational level through to the professional level is to fit a computer to your bike. There are lots of different makes and models on the market, all offering a range of functions and data.

A great example of an everyday computer is the B’Twin Count 8. As the title suggests it has 8 functions, time of day (in 12 or 24 hour format), current, average and maximum speeds, current and total distance (odometer), all measured in miles or kilometres per hour. It also features a stopwatch and speed comparer.

Count 8 Wireless Cycle Computer (£15.99)

The box contains everything you’ll need and with no tools being required this is a definite bonus. Setting up is easy and takes only a few minutes when following the included, easy to follow instructions leaflet. It’s important to set your cycle computer up to the correct wheel circumference, made easy by the clear table in the instructions leaflet showing the correct wheel circumference for your tyre size. This will ensure speed and distance readings are accurate.
The computer bracket itself can fit either on to your stem or handlebars, with the sensor being fitted to your forks with the cable ties. Fit the batteries to the display unit and fork sensor and the magnet to the spokes and you’re off!
The display is easy to read with large numbers and is easily navigated whilst on the move, using the 2 large buttons at the bottom of the screen. It’s even easy to use whilst wearing winter gloves. In use, I found the best position for the computer was on the stem, leaving the handlebars free for front lights.
All in all, a great computer that covers just about all the functions that you’ll require and it looks the part too. There are other computers out there that have more functions and displays, but the Count 8 is easy to use and for me covers all the bases for everyday riding. At only £15.99 this one is an absolute bargain. Get yours at your nearest decathlon store or online (

(Notes on the author – Mick Johnson is an avid cyclist from our Sheffield Decathlon branch. He currently works as an expert Sports Adviser and Brand Ambassador for B’Twin; ensuring each cycles customer leaves the store kitted out with everything they need for their next adventure out on the roads or trails. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available –

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