Review: B’Twin 300 Cycling Overshoes

BTwin 300 overshoes: £9.99

An essential part of every cyclist’s wardrobe is a good pair of overshoes online, because there’s nothing worse than cold extremities when you’re out on your bike. We wear gloves when it’s cold so it makes sense to keep your feet warm too. Put simply, overshoes are great. The right ones will not only keep your feet warm and dry, they’ll protect your expensive cycling shoes from all the dirt that washes up off the road surface when it rains.

This week I’ve been using our own B’Twin 300 overshoes and with the weather we’ve had up here I can say they’ve definitely been put to the test! I’ve chosen these ones because as at £9.99 they’re the most affordable and can be worn with either mountain bike or road shoes. The 300’s are aimed at occasional cyclists (mountain bike or road) and needless to say are for use in cold and/or rainy weather. The overshoes are made of neoprene so they’re designed to be windproof and to keep the cold out and protect from rain.

BTwin 300 overshoes: £9.99

Like all overshoes it’s correct to choose the right size so they fit snugly over your shoes and don’t move around whilst you pedal. The 300’s are a snug fit which is good and it’s best to undo the Velcro fastening that fits under the sole and the rear zip before you put them on. That way the overshoe will slide on easier.

So how did they do? I’ve put some miles in this week and they’ve done the job admirably. I’ve worn them with both MTB and road shoes without any problems. First up, they’ve been warm and dry. No cold or wet feet despite some heavy downpours. There’s been no issues between my cleats and the sole of the overshoes when getting in and out of the pedals (I’ve had some makes in the past that have caught on my cleats which caused some problems – no such problems with these though). Also they’re a nice fit around the ankles of my tights, no chafing and no water getting through either. I’ve used them with Shimano and Specialized shoes and they worked great with both, no issues with the Velcro straps or ratchets on either pair of shoes. Comfort wise, once they were on I didn’t notice them at all which is how cycling clothing should be. They are easy to clean as well, any mud just brushes off or you can wash them under the tap to get rid of any gunge.


Would I recommend these overshoes? That’s a big yes. I’ve been rained and hailed on this week with some bitterly cold winds and not had cold feet once! The B’Twin 300’s are amazing value and extremely durable and comfortable. Despite being aimed at occasional users these overshoes will see out at least a couple of winters. And my white cycling shoes are still white!

(Notes on the author – Mick Johnson is an avid cyclist from our Sheffield Decathlon branch. He currently works as an expert Sports Adviser and Brand Ambassador for B’Twin; ensuring each cycles customer leaves the store kitted out with everything they need for their next adventure out on the roads or trails. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available –

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