How to Choose Cycling Gloves

cycling gloves

Whether you are on a road bike or mountain bike, you have to protect your hands properly. To make cycling safer without sacrificing comfort and practicality, make sure to choose the right gloves! Here we are offering you a short guide on how to choose your cycling gloves.

Your choice of cycling gloves should be based on the weather and the kind of cycling you do. This is because there are big differences between mountain biking and road cycling.

Criterion 1 / the weather

In cold weather, a lining (wadding, fleece, etc.) will give your hands better insulation. 

In order to protect your hands – and fingers – from the cold and bad weather, go for long-fingered gloves made from a neoprene fabric and with taped seams.

(C1) Cold weather

In warm weather, gloves are mainly there to cushion your hands from impacts and limit vibrations.

It is, therefore, important to choose gloves made from breathable, lightweight fabric (Lycra or mesh) with cut-off fingers. These gloves may have foam or gel padding for added comfort, or silicone panels to optimize your grip on the handlebar.

(C1) Hot weather








Criterion 2 / use

Mountain biking or road cycling gloves: very different disciplines with fairly similar needs.

For mountain biking, long fingers are often your best bet because they protect your entire hand (from vegetation, etc.) on rough terrain. Even if you don’t fall, your hands are very exposed as a mountain biker!

When road cycling, the risk of falling at high speed is very real: gloves are therefore perfect for limiting damage.

cycling glovesIn both cases, a model with Velcro will allow you to perfectly adjust the fit around your wrist. You can take a look at Decathlon’s range of cycling gloves here.


Some models are easier to put on because they have notches at the base of the finger.


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