World’s Weirdest Campsites

weirdest campsites

Camping remains to be the most popular recreational activity in the world. That is because it can be enjoyed almost anywhere. It is not capital intensive hence people can easily enjoy themselves without worrying about finances.For those who camp regularly or for the first time campers, here is a list of the world’s weirdest camping sites. Just grab your 2 man tents and let’s go camping.

  1. Camping on a cliff face

This camping site will definitely give you a blood rush. It requires confidence and courage, but climbers and campers have all these and much more. This kind of camping can be experienced when scaling the height of the Great Sail Peak on Canada’s Baffin Island.

weirdest campsites
Canada’s Baffin Island. Credits: Nasa Ice
  1. Arches National Park Utah the USA

This campsite is a must visit. It has over 2000 natural sandstone arches, which provide a beautiful and ideal setting for your 2-man tent. These aches also have a lot of wildlife such as falcons  and colourful lizards. It also offers a variety of activities such as mountain hiking, rock climbing, and canyoneering.

weirdest campsites
Arches National Park Utah, USA
  1. Vliegenbos Amsterdam

Spend one of your coolest camping weekends in the middle of a city. Vliegenbos is located in the middle of 62-acre wood a short walk away from Amsterdam. While you can use your usual 2 man tents or caravans, you can also dare to use some more artistic alternatives provided. These include a suspended dome or a camper that folds out to become a garden or even a wooden cube for a tent.

weirdest campsites
Vliegenbos, Amsterdam
  1. Human Nest Treebones Resort California

Camping is all about exploration and fun. How about sleeping like birds? The human nest should feature on your travel bucket list. The woven wood art and a ladder to climb into your sleeping place are provided. However, the shelter is not rainproof you therefore still require our 2 man tents just in case.

weirdest campsites
Treebones Resort, California
  1. Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington, USA

This campsite offers an incredible view of lakes, snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows and the breathtaking Sahale Glacier. A short distance from your 2 man tents you can be able to see the beautiful mountain blueberries and glacier lilies depending on the season.

weirdest campsites
Doubtful Lake, Sahale Glacier, Washington, USA
  1. Lake Myvatn, Iceland.

Iceland is well known for its extremely biting cold and harsh weather in winter. However, in summer, it serves as one of the best camping sites, which gives some of the best experiences you can ever get. Lake Myvatn provides a series of activities such as mountain biking and hiking. You can also enjoy beautiful vies of whales after taking a dip in the Iceland hot springs.

weirdest campsites
Lake Myvath, Iceland
  1. Mount Everest, Base Camp, Nepal

Do you want to have a lifetime camping experience? Then you definitely want to try the base camp on Mount Everest. The camp lies at 17,598 feet the temperatures are quite habitable in April though a few cases of altitude sickness are still recorded. If you can cope with the altitude issues, then there is no better way for you than to wake up unzip your 2 man tents to a beautiful Mount Everest.

weirdest campsites
Mount Everest, Base Camp, Nepal

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