Top Ten Camping Fails

camping fails

Camping is one of the greatest ways in which we bring our family and friends together. It is so relaxing and uniting to hold hands take those nature walks surround a fire and have a drink. However, sometimes it does not turn out as planned this leads to some rib cracking and hilarious tails thereafter. Following is a list of the most epic and disastrous camping experiences that are funny. Camping Fails that can make you laugh, only if avoided.

Set up your camp before you start drinking

Can you imagine a couple of drunken fellows trying to set up all the camping accessories? I bet you they can spend the whole night trying to figure out what goes where. For this reason, it is advisable that you organise everything once you arrive at the camp. That way even after the fun and drinks you will go straight to your tent and sleep.

Pack the can opener

Canned drinks are and have always been part and parcel of camping. When you are all excited packing up those drinks pack the opener as well, you do not want to go hitting the cans with stones to try and open them.

Learn to set up your tent before you go using it

Ensure you learn how to set up your tent before heading to that new campsite. It will turn out to be a frustrating affair and might prove to be futile, and you will just have to cover yourself with the tent altogether. Here is some advice and video on how to set up your tent.

camping failsPack and learn how to use Camping Utensils

Can you imagine the look on your faces when you have arrived at the campsite and discovered that you do not have a single utensil? Or better still the kind of utensils that you have cannot cook in the wildfire. You need to ensure that you pack the right kitchen equipment for your Barbecue and camping experiences.

Learn how to start and maintain a Fire

Campfire is one of the most exciting things that you can experience. It becomes everyone’s favorite spot since it keeps you warm and helps you prepare and cook your foods. It serves as the heartbeat of any camp. Learn how to start and maintain it.

Research on the camp location

Before settling for a camp location, ensure you ask around get references or reviews before settling. Ensure you do not set up near a river or any water source nor at the bottom of a hill, where flooding is a possibility. Also, check signs of safari ants since these too can be a nuisance for the whole camp.

camping failsAnalyze and monitor weather changes before camping

Ensure you have the latest weather updates on your dream camping site area. That will help you to decide whether to go camping. Inclement weather is one of the reasons for an abrupt conclusion of camps.

Buying Cheap Camping Accessories instead of Quality ones

Sometimes people underestimate camping. They view it as a one-time thing, which does not require much. However, this is not the case; instead, you need ideal and quality Camping Accessories. For all of your camping needs visit our website that offers the best all times camping equipment and accessories.

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