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The Aptonia isotonic range (Aptonia ISO) is designed to keep you hydrated when it’s most important, during exercise activity. The Aptonia ISO range is one of the few brands that uses multiple transportable carbohydrates (Glucose + Fructose) in a 2:1 ratio for optimal absorption, providing you with the energy to keep you going and the fluid to keep you hydrated. Without carbohydrates and electrolytes, an isotonic drink is not significantly better than water. You need both to change the osmolality of the fluid, increasing the diffusion rate.

Aptonia ISO 38g, £0.69p
Aptonia ISO Orange 2kg, £11.99

How Isotonic drinks work

To understand how an isotonic drink works we must first look at blood volume. We have approximately 5.5 Litres of blood. The body always tries to remain in equilibrium (in balance), so when we consume fluid, for example 500ml, blood volume is increased to ~6 L. This causes a diluting effect of the concentration of salts and carbohydrates within blood. Fluids are rapidly digested and absorbed into the blood stream, so consumption of a fluid that has the same concentration as blood means there is no longer a dilution effect and the blood stream remains in equilibrium. Keeping the blood stream in equilibrium means you will be able to maintain hydration. Using just water results in a dilution effect, for the body to return to equilibrium, water is extracted from the blood stream, but this means key electrolytes and carbohydrates are lost. Your unlikely to notice this performance reduction over shorter exercise durations (<1hr), but over longer endurance activities (>2hrs) the body will dehydrate and performance will be reduced, unless an isotonic drink is used.

Isotonic drinks have a multitude of uses, but most importantly they improve endurance performance. Below is a table to help you pick the right product to suit you need:

Table 1 – The range of Isotonic drinks available

Aptonia ISO Product Range
Product ISO ISO 1st ISO ISO Orange Sport Drink ISO+Lime Sport Energy
Amount 38 g 480 g 650 g 2 kg 2 kg
Number of drinks 1 drink 15 drinks 17 Drinks 52 drinks 52 drinks
Flavours Orange, Lime & Mixed Berries Orange Orange, Lime, Mixed Berries, Cola, Exotic Fruits Orange Lime
Price (£) 0.69p £3.99 £4.99 £11.99 £11.99
Price per drink (£) 0.69p 0.27p 0.29p 0.23p 0.23p
Vitamins and minerals Sodium, Vitamins: B1, B2, B6 Sodium. Vitamin: B1 Sodium, Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6 Sodium. Vitamin: B1 Sodium & Potassium. Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6
Antoxidants: Vit C, Vit E, & Zink
Ideal for the individual looking to hydrate fast before exercise activity, keep hydrated during activity and hydrate after a activity.  Perfect for activities or training sessions 1-2 hours in duration. Ideal for someone aiming to maximise endurance  performance for durations >2hrs


It’s important to be hydrated prior to exercise, otherwise your more likely to overheat, leading to premature fatigue. The Aptonia ISO range helps you to hydrate fast before exercise, whilst keeping you fuelled for longer sessions (>1hr).


For every 1kg of weight lost during exercise you should drink 1.5 l of fluid. This is generally only applicable to individuals exercising for >2hrs, otherwise regularly sipping a isotonic drink will maintain hydration.

If you do early morning runs, it is important to rehydrate after your exercise session. An isotonic drink will allow you to ingest a larger volume of fluid in shorter period of time. The carbohydrates within the isotonic drink will also help you to recover.

Exercise Consumption

Sweat rates can exceed over 1 during exercise, highlighting the importance of consuming fluids. During exercise electrolytes are lost, mainly through sweat loss. It is therefore important to take regular sips of an isotonic drink. Before you swallow a fluid you should rinse it around your mouth for 5-10 seconds.

For further information on dosages, gastric tolerance and mouth rinsing check out a blog on enhancing endurance performance (

How do they taste?

I’ve product tested the ISO orange and lime flavour for the past few weeks and I cant fault the taste. When it’s mixed into 500ml of water it offers a nice flavour, without being too sweat. I’ve tried downing 500ml post run and found it extremely easy to drink. I’ve also tried it pre-session and not found it to give me any gastric distress. Later on in a day when you can feel a bit dehydrated, I’ve use the Aptonia ISO to rehydrate and 30 minutes later been out on the trails feeling fantastic.

How does it mix?

The Aptonia bags come with a 30g scoop, making it easy to add the right dosage to your bottle or glass. Just add 1 scoop to 500 ml of water. The packets are just as easy to use, one packet for every 500 ml. All you then have to do is take a spoon, give it a quick stir or a shake if its a sports bottle and your ready to drink.

Top tip: Add 250 ml of water to a bottle or glass, then add the ISO powder and then the remaining 250 ml of water. shake for 10 seconds, let it diffuse, and your ready to drink.


Aptonia are one of the few brands of sporting supplements who are ahead of their competitors. All their Isotonic powders contain multiple transportable carbohydrates, meaning a faster absorption time, optimising exercise performance. The powders taste great, mix easy and keep you hydrated, what more could you ask for? For the money you won’t find a better isotonic sports drink. Comparable brands are double the price, and not all of them include multiple transportable carbohydrates.


If your just looking for a natural flavoured mineral water drink, that doesn’t contain carbohydrate, flavourings, sweeteners then why not try our Aptonia Zero Calorie drinks (500 ml).

Aptonia 0 Calorie Drink, 500ml, £0.69p

So there it is, a review of the Aptonia Isotonic range of drinks available at your nearest Decathlon store or online. For more information and expert advice, why not head over to to discover our full range of supplements to fuel your next activity.

(Notes on the Author – Danny Foster is an avid runner and nutrition expert currently studying sport and exercise science at Sheffield Hallam University. He works in our Sheffield Decathlon branch and currently works as an expert sports adviser, ensuring each running/nutrition customer leaves the store kitted out with everything they need for their next race. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available – )

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