Top Picnic Items for an Ultimate Wimbledon Experience

top picnic items

Wimbledon Top Picnic Items

If you are planning to enjoy some tennis action outdoors and you are wondering what you will need in order to have a nice day under the sun, we have created a list of the top picnic items for you.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, but also one of the most exciting of them all! This year, the tournament will take place from Monday 27th of June until the 10th of July. Not all tennis lovers are lucky enough to get tickets to the All England Club, but they can still watch the tennis games outdoors and have an authentic Wimbledon experience with fresh strawberries, cream and of course the traditional Pimm’s!

Let’s take a look at the exclusive list of items we have prepared for you in order to have the perfect picnic day out:

  1. Picnic Blanket: A waterproof picnic blanket is a must while spending time outside. Why waterproof? Because it is not a secret, the rain is a regular guest in the UK.
Quechua Waterproof Blanket (client image)

Quechua Cool Bag 26L

2. Food cooler: When you are out and about, you would definitely need a food cooler to keep your food and refreshments cold. The temperature levels in the end of June and beginning of July can be pretty high, and a food cooler will help you keep your Pimm’s and strawberries cool enough. We have the 26l cool box and 36l cool box if you are a larger party. If you plan a day out for two, we have the 10l cool bag for that purpose.

Quachua Cool Bag 26L
Quechua Cool Bag 10L

3. Racket game sets: Are you in for some fun racket games in the park? You can choose and pick from a large variety of sports sets:

Badminton Set

Artengo Bandminton Set

Badminton Set with a net

Artengo Badminton Set with a Net

Fast Shuttle Set

Artengo Fast Shuttle Set

Soft Rackets Set

Artengo Soft Rackets Set

4. Party Grill: If you want to impress your family and friends, with some grilled food, you can take a look at this small, but multipurpose party grill. You can have freshly cooked meat and vegetables ready just in minutes.

Party Grill

5. Kites, Frisbees, Boomerang: If you need a way to keep the kids entertained, you can look at our selection of Kites, Frisbees, and Boomerangs that will keep not only your children happy but will also bring a smile to your face. For more children’s games, you can find them here.

Frisbee (customer image)

6. Volleyball Ball: Volleyball is an all times favourite outdoor sport, which you can enjoy anywhere and anytime, why not between watching the Wimbledon tennis games?

Kipsta Soft Volleyball Ball

Geologic Soft Archery Set

7. Archery set: If you are more into target sports, you should take the action outdoors and have a go at a game of archery!

Geologic Soft Archery Set

When you get all the picnic equipment you need, you can finally relax and enjoy a nice day out: tanning, spending time with friends with a cocktail in hand, sharing a game or two and of course watching Wimbledon tournament! Enjoy it!



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