Skiing Tips: How To Stay Safe On The Slopes

Skiing Tips

Skiing is a fun, exhilarating sport that the whole family can enjoy. But being cold on top of the slopes is no way to make happy memories – and it can even be dangerous.
Don’t let cold weather get in the way of a great trip. Follow our skiing tips for staying safe on the slopes…

Layer up

The secret to staying warm when snowboarding or skiing is to layer up.
First things first, you need a thermal base layer to keep you dry from perspiration and as your first defence against the cold.

For women looking for ski tops, we recommend this Wed’ze 2Warm Women’s Ski Top. It’s available in five different colours and thanks to it’s clever design, you can choose your level of warmness depending on which side is worn next to your skin.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze 2Warm Women’s Ski Top

For men, our Wed’zeXWarm Men’s Ski Top is a great choice. Made with wool, it’s a great insulator but thanks to the polyester blend it also wicks away sweat and is soft against your skin.

Make the most of midlayers

Next, you need ski midlayers to offer you extra heat without restricting your movement.
We designed our Wed’zeMidwarm 500 Men’s Ski Midlayers to provide superior warmth while also allowing your skin to breathe. It’s available in a choice of five colours, just like our ladies version of this ski midlayers option.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze Midwarm 500 Women’s Ski Midlayer

Finally, you need a third layer that is waterproof, windproof and breathable, too.
This Wed’ze Slide 300 Warm Men’s Ski Jacket is the perfect option for guys that want to ski or snowboard even in extreme cold. The down filling will keep you cosy in temperatures as low as -13 degrees.

And to keep your bottom half cosy, try our affordable Wed’ze Slide 300 Men’s Ski Trousers at just £34.99.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze Slide 300 Men’s Ski Trousers

Ladies can also enjoy the softness of down with our Wed’ze Slide 500 Women’s Ski Jacket. It’s warm, waterproof, practical – and it pairs perfectly with our Wed’ze Slide 500 Women’s Ski Trousers.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze Slide 500 Women’s Ski Trousers

Warm your hands up

So you’ve got your body covered, but it’s important to also think about keeping your hands and feet warm, too.
Holding on to cold ski poles means your hands can soon feel icy cold – and even painful – without the right ski gloves. We love these super protective ones from our Wed’ze range.  Made from leather, they are warm and durable while also offering freedom of movement.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze Free 800 Adult Ski Gloves

For ultimate protection in even colder temperatures, our Wed’ze Mittens are made from duck down and will keep your mitts toasty in temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

Safety is Key

It is important to choose the right ski equipment in order to be safe while skiing. To stay warmth and well protected while maximizing comfort, we recommend browsing our online range of ski helmets and ski body protections. All our helmets are created and tested to follow the EU standard EN 1077.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze Stream 550 Adult Helmet S2 Lens

For snowboarders, patience is key and your wrists should be protected during common snowboarding falls. For those moments we recommend the affordable Wed’ze Defense Wrist at just £9.99.

Skiing Tips
Wed’ze Defense Wrist

Toasty Toes

When it comes to putting socks on before you hit the slopes, any old pair won’t do. Choose a pair of specially designed ski socks like these that are made with 80% wool to stop your toes feeling the chill. They come in grey, but we also love the pink version, for adding a splash of colour to your ski outfit.

If you ski regularly, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than putting on your ski boots to find they are still wet from the day before.  But you can say goodbye to soggy, cold feet first thing in the morning with our clever Sidas Shoe Dryer.

This small but mighty gadget is guaranteed to be in demand during your trip – and it can even dry gloves too. Bonus!

Want more information?

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