Find Your Perfect Beginner Snowboard or Skis

first snowboard or skis

So you’ve chosen your resort, you’ve booked your flights and you can’t wait to hit the slopes (and who can blame you). There’s just one thing missing: your very own set of skis, or your own snowboard if that’s more your thing. But panic not. At Decathlon, we know our stuff. And we’re on hand to help.

Let’s talk about skis.

The first thing to think about when it comes to choosing skis is ski length. As a rule of thumb, skis should reach up to somewhere between your chin and the top of your head when they are standing upright. But there’s slightly more to it than that if you want to find the perfect pair.

Beginners usually get on best with a shorter pair of skis that are easy to turn and allow you to improve at your own pace, just like the Wed’zeArchtec Boost 300 Skis.

Beginner Snowboard
Wed’zeArchtec Boost 300 Skis
Ski if you want to go faster

We also recommend the shorter skis option if you’re not too tall, or you’re light and want to go fast and make quick turns. If you class yourself as more of an intermediate, you might prefer a model like the Wed’zeXlander 500 which will allow you enjoy a ski that’s light underfoot but still manageable in all snow conditions.

It’s also essential to consider where you plan to ski before you choose your first pair of skis from our comprehensive range.
For most beginners, what we call ‘all mountain’ skis are the best choice. Typically they have a slightly wider base and, as the name suggests, they’re suitable for skiing most terrains.

Beginner skis
Wed’zeXlander 500
All rise for the all-rounder

We love the Wed’zeXlander 700 P Skis that are affordable and tick all the above boxes (they also come in a rather snazzy design, if we do say so ourselves).

If you’re already thinking about the future and want to invest in skis that will let you carve up the mountain to your heart’s content, think about a model like Salomon X-Drive 8.3 Skis which are designed to give expert skiers speed and stability.

Beginner skis
Wed’zeXlander 700 P Skis
For Little Skiers…

It’s particularly important to seek expert advice when shopping for kids skis. Your child should be measured and weighed to help you pick the perfect pair.

Luckily, our kids skis range is designed to support young skiers as their skills progress – and keep them safe and supported. The Wed’zeStarliner 300 Miny Skis are ideal for kids who want to progress quickly. And for the littlest learners, we’ve got the that are ideal for taking those exciting first few steps on snow.

beginners ski
Wed’zeStarliner 300 Miny Skis

Snowboarding more your thing?

All snowboards are not created equal. Picking the right one depends on your ability, your riding style and your favourite terrain.

Beginners should look for snowboards like the Rossignol Pack District that handle well and will continue to be suitable as your abilities advance.

If you’ve clocked up a bit of experience already, and you’re considering snowboards suitable for on or off piste, we’d point you in the direction of our Wed’ze Board End Zone 500 Park & Ride that will let you tear up any terrain for a great price.

beginners snowboard
Wed’ze Board End Zone 500 Park & Ride

For baby boarders…

If you’re hunting for kids snowboards, opt for something that provides good grip on all terrains and has a design that is more forgiving of little errors and allows smaller snowboarders to turn more easily.

We’re buzzing about our new collection of kids snowboards for this season. It features the Wed’ze End Zone 300 Youth Board that is ideal for beginners (and parents who want to start with a board that’s easy-going).

beginners snowboard
Wed’ze End Zone 300 Youth Board

Want more information?

We know there’s a lot to think about. We recommend browsing our online range carefully or popping in store for a chat with one of the team.

We can’t wait to help you find the skis or snowboard that’s right for you. Then let the adventures begin!

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