How to Choose The Correct Kids Size Bike

Kids Size Bike

Little ones love the freedom and fun that comes from riding a bike – and with Father Christmas planning to visit us all soon, many might be hoping for a new set of wheels.

As well as the colour and cool features of kids’ bikes, it’s important to carefully consider what size bike your child needs.

A good way to make sure your child’s bike is the perfect fit is to pop into one of our stores where an expert member of our team can help.

What to Consider

Signs that a bike is the right size include:

  • When sitting on the saddle, you child can touch the ground with the balls of their feet
  • They can stand over the crossbar with enough room to put their feet flat on the floor
  • When riding, they should be leaning slightly forward with straight arms

If you’re shopping for kids bikes, but you want it to be a surprise, it is possible to buy online, providing you measure your child’s height at home.

Remember, children’s bikes are measured by the size of the wheel, not the frame.

Different Options for Different Users

You’ll notice that each of the bikes on our website is listed with a handy kids bike sizes guide to help you choose.

For instance, this balance bike is the perfect first bike for two to four year olds who are between 85 and 100cm tall.

Kids Size Bike
B’Twin Run Ride 500 Kids Balance Bike

Balance bikes look just like normal bikes, but they don’t have pedals. But there’s a good reason for that! Balance bikes have been proven to help young children progress to riding bikes faster than using stabilisers.

If you prefer children’s bikes with stabilisers, this B’Twin 14” Calipo Kids Bike is a colourful, exciting option that also comes with a horn and mudguard. It’s best suited to children aged three to five years (or, more importantly, between 90 and 105cm tall).

Kids Size Bike
B’Twin 14″ Calipo Kids Bike

Little princesses will instantly love our B’Twin 16” LilooPrincess Bike. It’s designed for little girls aged four to six (or 105 to 120cm) who are learning to pedal without stabilisers. It comes complete with a seat just for dolls, mudguards and a kickstand. It’s the kids’ bike any princess would be proud of!

Kids Size Bike
B’Twin 16″ Liloo Princess Kids Bike

Bigger boys will love our feature-packed B’Twin 20” Racing Boy 500 Kids Bike. With built in suspension, six gears and lights on the front and back, it’s perfect for boys between 120 and 135cm, which is usually between age six and eight.

For children up to 155cm, or aged up to 12, we designed the B’Twin 24” Poply 500 Kids Bike. It ideal for rides on cycle tracks or into town, and with a super comfy saddle and a spacious front basket, it’s the stylish bike every cool kid will want to be seen with.

Kids Size Bike
B’Twin 24″ Poply 500 Kids Bike

Still not sure what size to get? If your child is measuring in between kids bike sizes, it makes sense to go for the bigger option. But be careful, buying a bike that is far too big will be uncomfortable and can even be dangerous.

Want more information?

Browse our full range of children’s bikes online – or look up your local store at the top of the page here. And feel free to get in touch for a chat or some further advice.

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