Is there a place for Wayne Rooney in the starting 11 at Euro 2016?


The surprising win for England over Germany in the friendly matches provoked the question- “Does the captain Wayne Rooney fit in the young and vibrant English team?”. If the game with Germany showed us something, it is that England’s team has the hunger for winning and a newly determined personality which we haven’t seen for a long time and almost have forgotten existed. Although the 2-1 defeat to Holland almost undermined what they showed us in the match with Germany, still England is no doubt demonstrating some good football.

Vardi against Germany

The English team players seem in good shape, quick and creative, something that makes them one of the favourites for winning the Euros. Players like Harry Kane and James Vardy are demonstrating excellent form throughout the season, scoring 42 goals between them for their premier league teams. In addition to that Danny Welbeck and even the always injured Sturridge are having some good episodes. All this in combination with England’s performance last games has provoked the question, does Rooney deserve a place in Euro 2016 or he can be easily dropped?

However, despite Rooney’s compromised game, he has two things that are extremely important – authority and experience which can’t be underestimated. Therefore, completely discarding Rooney would be a foolish and rushed decision.

Wayne Rooney Euro 2012 vs Italy

If England is going for the win in France, they need to have a clear vision and game plan which will assure them stability and confidence. Here, Rooney can definitely contribute as a captain that brings balance into the team. His capacity to play on high demand for 90 minutes, though, might be a bit shaky and England needs a striker who is fast, physically fit and has the ability to put pressure on the opponent rather during the whole game than just episodically.

Let’s wait for Rooney’s return and see how he would answer this questions through his play, after all, Rooney is one of the best English players of all times.

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