Top Tips for Securing Your Belongings When Running

securing your belongings when running

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re an experienced runner, the smartest thing to do while you run is not to run with your hands full. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but holding your phone, keys or water bottle while running is an awful habit that can lead to poor running form and a higher risk of injury. Running with holding the belongings in your hands, or running with a backpack on your back, makes you use your body parts differently than you normally would. It creates asymmetry which leads to poor form and muscular imbalance, it tires you faster and it makes you a less efficient runner. It also feels extremely uncomfortable.

However, running without anything on you feels little empty and boring. We like to run with music on our headphones and the easiest way to listen to music is through our phones. Also, we must carry around our IDs and some money no matter where we go. If you are a runner you are familiar with this struggle, today we have some useful tips for securing your belongings when running.

The Running Gear Can Help

First, try to purchase running gear that has pockets. The more, the merrier! It needs to be standardized for running shorts to have a couple of outer pockets and an inner pocket. Better yet, buy shorts with zipping pockets to keep your valuables more secure. Another simple way to have your stuff secured is the Spibelt. It is a belt that has just one long, thin zipped pouch and it is big enough to fit a smartphone, keys, cash and your ID. Most of us can’t run without music playing and without knowing exactly how fast we finished that last mile, so the best way to secure your smartphone is an armband or a phone belt. Not only does it safely hold your phone, it also has a back pocket where you can put small items, such as your ID, cash, etc. The belt goes around your waist and the armband is holding up to your upper arm.

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securing your belongings when running Wrist Wallets Can Help Too

Maybe you don’t carry your phone on your runs or maybe the armband just doesn’t work for you, but that’s okay because we have another great option. A wrist wallet is a wonderful secure way of carrying your ID and such, plus the zipper pouch keeps everything even more secure and it is not heavy or bulky. If you don’t bother having things attached to your running shoes, you can purchase a shoe wallet. This is an excellent option where you can stash your cash and your keys. One of the most popular running gears where you can put your valuables is the fanny pack. Most of the runners use this simple accessory, so if you’re ready to work your feet on that trail it will be of great use.

Running should be all about getting in shape, relieving from all that stress, it should be free of worries about the safety of your belongings. If you follow our tips you can forget about adjusting your keys and phone and you can enjoy the stress-relieving aspects of this physical activity.

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