Ski Storage For the Summer months


Ski Storage For the Summer months

The best way to make sure that your skis are in tiptop condition for the coming winter is to over – summer them correctly, dried off and free of rust. If we don’t protect the base with by waxing, the base will dry out and become oxidized (goes white and fury), which means that more work will be needed to get the skis back to a good skiing condition. Skis are quite pricey items of sports equipment and as with all things, the better they are cared for the longer they will stay in good shape and perform as they were intended.

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Here are a few tips on the best ways of doing this:

• One of the best ways is to make sure that your skis are dry, clean the bases with wax remover, tidy the edges and make sure that they are rust free, also you could sharpen them ready. When this is done you can then cover the whole base with an all-purpose wax, making sure that you cover the edges well. This layer of wax will stay on the bases until you are ready to go skiing, then, just scrape back the wax, brush and polish, then add a layer of wax that you intend to ski on. This is a process that we do and offer in our Decathlon workshops.

• Another way is to have your skis serviced at the end of the season ready for the next one. All you then have to do is put some paste wax on the edges to protect them. This way you can ski on them straight away on scraping involved.

• One thing NOT TO DO; put Vaseline or grease on the ski edges as this gets in to the pores of the base and clogs them up so that no wax can be absorbed. Also it’s difficult to clean it out of the base.

• The best place for storing your skis over the summer months is somewhere the temperature is fairly constant with low humidity. I find that wardrobes in bedrooms and under the bed tend to be 2 of the best places.

• Garages can also be a good place if they are well insulated, one of the problems here though, is people tend to put tumble dryers, washing machines in their garages which means there will be lots of moisture about in the atmosphere which will affect any unprotected ski edges.

• The worst place in my opinion for ski storage is in the attic, loft as it is open to the great variations in temperature unless it has been decked out as another room in the house.

• If you make sure that you have your skis prepped for storage there’s no need to bag or box them unless for convenience, if they’ve been left in the bag after the last trip then this is possibly the worst thing for the skis, they will probably still be wet and strapped together. With all the metal surfaces touching each other the oxidization happens rapidly, I have seen new skis been ruined because their edges have been so badly pitted with rust. If you separate your skis and leave them out the bag it minimalizes the problem but of course; the best thing for them is to have them prepped for storage!

 Written by Gary Raynor

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