Trail Running: Kapteren XT3


For many of you out there running off-road through forests and woodland, finding an ideal trail shoe can be somewhat difficult. Some will settle for a flat road running shoe, others running spikes, options that are lightweight and flexible but lacking in support and grip on uneven and wet or muddy surfaces. Others will use a more traditional trail shoe that provides this grip but is too heavy to provide what you desire in terms of performance. Unsuitable footwear will make it more difficult for you to achieve your targets in training or a competition, and can also lead to injuries.

The Kapteren XT3 is the answer to those problems. At 330g it is one of the lightest trail shoes on the market, and at the same time provides excellent grip and support to optimize performance on the toughest surfaces.


Kapteren xt3 green blackHow does it do this?

The Upper (Support)

The first key component to the shoe is the support it provides. The XT3 has a unique strapping system which is in the form of a webbing network that supports the instep of the foot. Additionally, at the front section of the shoe you have side walls that form a cradle to hold the sides of the foot at front to protect your feet from those tough off-road surfaces such as tree routes and stones.

Out-sole Grip

The traction on the out-sole of the Kapteren XT3 comes in the form of multi-directional lugs to provide excellent grip at whichever part of the shoe is bearing your weight. It does this at the heel with the lugs coming in the form of a groove pattern to provide grip on that initial contact of your stride. This is particularly important when you are running on downhill slopes.

On the forefoot when you are looking for good traction for changing direction and running uphill the XT3 has side grip lugs to enable good transfer of weight at the sides of the shoe when you turn, and traction lugs to enable good propulsion (push off) on your stride.

Cushioning and Stability

Just like in the Kiprun range, the Kapteren XT3 provides CS (Circular System) cushioning at the heel, has excellent torsion control with the Arkstab Technology, and for those of you who over-pronate it has the Bipron technology (enhanced EVA foam on the instep).

Lastly the XT3 is highly visible for those running during the autumn and winter and during the night-time thanks to the reflective markings at the front and back of the shoe.

Overall the Kapteren XT3 is an excellent shoe for anybody looking for performance, stability and grip whilst running off-road.

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