Product Review: Kiprun Cold Weather Textile Range


Kiprun Cold Weather Textile Range

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, many of you out there that are regular runners will be searching for the ideal clothing to handle the tough winter conditions without causing you too much distraction and hindrance to your running.

Having trouble finding this type of clothing?

Then the Kiprun Cold Weather Textile range is the solution for this, available in Decathlon stores.

So what makes the Kiprun Cold Weather Textile Range ideal for regular runners?

All our Kiprun cold weather running textiles are designed by mapping the runner in order to better target the different areas that are most sensitive to the cold. The textiles contain the Stratermic thermal technology with the aim of keeping your core body temperature warm during the tough winter conditions.

So what textiles do we offer in the range?

Men’s Range

Kiprun Evolutiv Jersey

The evolutiv jersey is designed to allow runners to run at all temperatures whatever the weather. With 3 different components at the front (Breathable, thermal and wind protective/water repellent) and 2 components at the back (breathable, wind protective/water repellent) and with a ventilation system this is a highly adaptable textile designed to adapt to the adverse conditions you face when you run.

Evolutiv Jacket

Just like with the evolutiv jersey, this textile is separated into different components. The difference is the top of the jacket is waterproof and the insulating component is a water repellent softshell component. The stand out feature on the jacket is the 3 zip ventilation system which you can open up on the front of the jacket which allows air to be transferred through and exiting the back of the jacket.

Women’s Range

Evolutiv Jersey

Just like in the men’s jersey the women’s evolutiv jersey is broken down into 3 separate components to adapt to all temperatures. The difference is the ventilation system based under the bottom of the chest guard has a pull cord at the front to open up the ventilation system to allow female runners to keep at a reasonable temperature in mild weather conditions.

Kiprun Warm Up Jacket

Lightweight, Stretchy, water repellent and Windproof. The Kiprun jacket is ideal for preparing for a race during the winter.
Using the Stratermic Reflect technology, the aluminised material reflects infra-red rays back towards the body keeping your core body temperature warm.


Overall the Kiprun Cold weather range keeps you running, whatever the weather!

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