Product Review: Kalenji Eliofeel T-Shirt


As an active person, I participate in a lot of sport during the week. Therefore I am in a constant cycle of playing sport and washing smelly clothes. I am always on the look out for new clothes, so I tried the Kalenji Eliofeel running T-Shirt.

As someone who normally just wears an ordinary cotton T-Shirt, I instantly noticed a difference when I flung on the Eliofeel T-Shirt for a run. The shirt was so light, it felt like a silk cloak draped over my shoulders. When I ran the Eliofeel was remarkably breathable, the opaque mesh down the sides allows air to flow through the t-shirt, cooling the body as you run. The mesh covers the whole of the side of the torso and from the shoulders down on the arms, giving lots of area to allow air flow. The lightweight material is complemented by the manufacturing process of this Kalenji product. The closeness of the stitching gives a good quality finish which will not let the t-shirt to rip easily and adds another colour to the design.

This brings me on to one of the most striking aspects of the Eliofeel T-Shirt; the eye catching array of colours that are available. These bright colours include orange, red, a lime green and electric blue (as pictured), giving a good range to select from. All the styles have coordinating mesh colours which make this piece of apparel a stylish necessity to any runner’s wardrobe. This Eliofeel T-Shirt would suit a regular gym fan or someone running a couple of times a week.

The Kalenji Eliofeel T-Shirt is available in a range of colours.

One of the best things about this garment is obviously the fact that it is lightweight, but accompanying this is the fact that it enables the garment to dry extremely quickly, allowing sweat to quickly evaporate but also decreasing the drying, which helps me with my constant washing battle. The only negative I think might arise will be when the weather gets colder. There is always a balance between ventilation and insulation with T-Shirts such as the Eliofeel, which offer excellent ventilation, so you might need an extra layer in cooler temperatures. Thankfully in the Kalenji range you will find lots of baselayers and jackets to provide some extra warmth.

The Kalenji running range is available exclusively at Decathlon.

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