Top 5 Rucksacks In The Wet


It doesn’t really matter if you’re off to hiking or just riding your bike to work or to school – your gear is your life. When the rain starts to fall or when the snow flies, your first priority is to secure and protect your equipment at all costs. You have to do this unless you want to end up with a ruined laptop, a wet sleeping bag or moist drawers. The best way to protect your things is to have a waterproof rucksack. But not just ordinary backpack, you need a durable one enough to stand up to all the action and adventure, without it puncturing or perforating. Also, it needs to be comfortable enough to wear, because after all you need to enjoy your adventures.

Fortunately, the market nowadays offers a wide range of waterproof backpacks that come in different colors with all kinds of features. If you have a limited budget you can easily find cheap rucksacks, but there are some things to consider before buying it, such as the size, the straps, the pockets, the colors, the material, etc. Make sure you don’t buy a wrong backpack because each one is tailored to fit specific needs. For example, some backpacks are made for bikers of both standard and motor variety, for hikers and campers, basic bags for students, etc. They are out there, from the compact to the extreme, all you have to do is pick out the best one. Finding a proper waterproof rucksack can be quite a task but don’t worry – we are here to help you. We looked into many of them, narrowed the list to the best 5 and now we will share them with you. All Quechua’s rucksacks come with 10 years guarantee.


This hiking rucksack weighs 2.5 kg, has 52+12 litres volume and its dimensions are 75 x 34x 27. It has a waterproof cover and contains multiple compartments – 3 exterior and 1 interior pocket, 2 belts, pole/ice axe loops and has foam which is great for ventilation and comfort for masculine body shape. The foam is with air cells in the back that provide with air circulation and the cover is rain-resistant. A great thing about this backpack is that it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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This one is designed specifically for women. The Fourclaz Easyfit 50 litre rucksack is provided with a back adjustment suited to the female body shape. Its burgundy colour makes it unique. It comes with multiple compartments, including a full-length zip to access the main holdall. It comes with a waterproof cover.

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Besides the awesome colour, this backpack has 70 + 10 litres volume capacity and it is big enough for anyone who even wants to bring their kitchen sink along on their hiking adventure. This rucksack comes with detachable 10-litre day backpack for those many adventures. Waterproof cover comes with it.

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This rucksack features fully equipped self-adjust back system, with durable components and clever features that offer everything you need when it comes to efficient load control and performance. It comes with a waterproof cover to protect your belongings.

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5. Finally, at number five we have QUECHUA FORCLAZ EASYFIT 70L HIKING RUCKSACK, a lightweight backpack, specially designed for hikes lasting several days, with medium weight loads. The EasyFit system allows you to adjust the bag while wearing it so it fits just right. One of the features is that it comes with a water resistant cover.

waterproof rucksacksWe hope you liked our list!

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