Review: Quechua MT Novadry Lightweight Trail Jacket


Lightweight jackets have recently been taking the mountain sports market by storm with many models being currently available, and I can see why, I mean what’s not to like about a jacket that is fully waterproof, super lightweight, breathable and also packs down as small as your fist? Having owned a few various types of lightweight jackets over the years I thought I would delve into the market and purchase a new jacket for a recent year long trip that I have undertaken around the world.

My eventual jacket of choice? The Quechua MT Novadry Lightweight trail jacket that has been proudly endorsed by renowned trail runner Dawa Sherpa. After using it on my trip so far and being very impressed with its many features I thought I would write a review to detail exactly what I like about it so much.

What Does It Offer?

The Quechua MT Novadry is primarily designed with adventure racing in mind, its core aims are to be lightweight, weather resistant and pack-able so as to be able to cope with the rigours of racing through a mountain environment. Featuring a 9000mm 2.5 layer waterproof membrane tested in high pressure weather chambers and through a multitude of athlete field tests the MT Novadry offers a premium in weather protection however maintains an incredibly light 300g weight, ideal features when packing light and moving fast.

An impressive function of the 2.5 layer membrane that is integrated into the MT Novadry is its high amount of breathability, with an RET (Resistance to evaporative heat transfer) rating of just 5, thus transferring a high amount of moisture away from the users skin whilst in use, keeping them cool and dry throughout the day.

With the addition of 2 vents underneath the arms and 2 zippered vents by the sides the MT Novadry provides many options for venting away excess heat during high intensity situations. With 2 waist pockets and 1 MP3 compatible chest pocket the jacket ensures that your gels, bars and media all have a place when you are pursuing your passions in the mountains. Other features that the MT Novadry includes are reflective strips for use when night running or for when needing to be seen out in the hills and reinforced shoulders to prevent your backpack from slipping and also to prevent general wear and tear.

With an athletically cut fitting and masses of features and technicalities the Quechua MT Novadry is a serious piece of mountain apparel for the minimalist but intensive mountain athlete, let’s see how it has held up during my testing so far.

How Did It Perform?

After reading about and researching the MT Novadry I was very impressed by its technical nature and it’s truly give away price, but it was not until I first felt and tried on the jacket that I realised just how high quality and feature-full it actually is. After zipping up the jacket what is immediately noticeable is its slim and athletic fit that hugs the body and provides an optimum amount of manoeuvrability when stretching and moving.

It’s light weight makes you almost forget that you are wearing it and it’s many adjusters allow you to easily customise your fit. When used in rain the droplets simply bounce from the outer fabric keeping you dry and comfortable, having been caught out in a few rain storms whilst on this trip I have been very pleased with the waterproofing capabilities of such a thin jacket and also it’s ability to dry very quickly, thus preventing my backpack becoming wet upon storing the garment.

During a windy hike around Mt Doom in New Zealand the MT Novadry provided me with an optimum amount of wind proofing whilst still breathing enough to prevent me from building up a sweat whilst tackling steep inclines along the way. If wishing to layer up with a second layer underneath the jacket I would advise going up a size from usual as you can only get a thin fleece underneath when opting for the slimmer fitting.

Overall I cannot convey more how impressed I have been with this jackets quality at such a low price alongside its functionality when used in a mountain environment. It is lightweight, pack able, weather resistant and certainly a jacket for any serious adventurer out there. Check it out, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

So there it is, a full in depth product review of the super technical new MT Novadry lightweight trail jacket from Quechua. For more information and expert advice why not head over to the to discover our full mountain sports product ranges and to find many other products that will help you pursue your passions.

(Notes on the author – Joe Broadhead is an avid climber, hiker, skier and snowboarder from our Sheffield Decathlon branch. In the past he served as our UK mountain sports expert product trainer and ensured that each of our mountain sports teams were fully trained to advise our customers professionally with sound expert knowledge. He is currently on a years travelling trip testing many products along the way. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available –

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