Quechua Forclaz Hiking Boots


Quechua Forclaz Hiking Boots

No matter what kind of hiking you are doing, be it a one day ramble on easy going trails or a multiday trek over rouged variable terrain, the boots beneath your feet will have a huge impact on your comfort and overall enjoyment. This is why its so important to choose a boot that suits your needs. This blog will provide a brief overview of the hiking boot range offered by Quechua.

Forclaz 50

Offering incredible value for money, the Forclaz 50 retails at only £12.99. it is a very sturdy boot offering full ankle support, so will be suitable for use on rough terrain and the 4mm deep lugged sole will provide plenty of traction on loose or muddy ground. This boot is quite flexible and very comfortable on easygoing walks, but would not be suitable for more rouged terrain.

Forclaz 100 high

The Forclaz 100 high, retailing at £39.99 offers the same support and traction with the advantage of a Novadry waterproof membrane that keeps water out whilst still allowing your foot to breathe. Waterproofing for hiking boots is measured by repeatedly flexing the boot whilst it is partially immersed in water to simulate the conditions in which the boot will be used. This boot is rated to be waterproof to 4000 flexes which equates to roughly 4 hours of walking in wet conditions.

Forclaz 100 Mid Fresh

If waterproofing is not essential to you the Forclaz 100 Mid Fresh at £34.99 is a significantly lighter boot and has a 3D mesh construction to improve breathability; ideal for the summer months or if you are planning on traveling to a warmer climate.

Forclaz 600

Incorporating a Vibram sole, the Forclaz 600 is £59.99, providing a greater amount of grip on significantly rougher terrain. The boot is also stiffer than the Forclaz 100 models and offers a greater level of ankle support. It has a waterproof membrane rated to 4000 flexes, again ensuring your feet are protected from the elements.

Forclaz 700 Mid

The Forclaz 700 Mid is the most rouged hiking boot in the range and is £74.99. Thanks to its innovative technology including a cross contact sole made of different composites of rubber to ensure maximum grip in any condition. It also has an extended lacing that reaches right down to the forefoot to ensure the boot is tight right down to your toes. The 360º mid foot strap gives more support to your instep and helps to stop movement in your foot, reducing pressure and therefore the risk of blisters. It also makes use of X stab technology which is an embedded ridged plastic component is the heel of the boot that provides your heel a solid base to land on and push off from whilst walking.  All of this comes with a waterproof membrane rated at 4000 flexes making the Forclaz 700 mid a boot that can tackle anything you can throw at it.

Forclaz Speed

The final boot in this range is the Forclaz Speed mid at £69.99. This boot incorporates all of the same technology as the Forclaz 700 mid but is slightly lighter, weighing in at a mere 970g per pair in size 8.5. It also has a more rounded fore foot and heal, this will increase the overall stability of the boot on steeper ground and guide the foot for a more efficient gait whilst moving at speed.

It is clear to see that no matter what your need there is a hiking boot available for any situation.  Drop in to your nearest Decathlon store for expert advice and to find your perfect walking boot.

(Notes on the author – Dominic Evans is a passionate hiker, climber, cyclist and skier working in our Sheffield Decathlon branch. He currently works as an expert sports adviser, ensuring each mountain sports customer leaves the store kitted out with everything they need for their next adventure. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available –http://www.decathlon-jobs.co.uk/ )

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