Quechua Forclaz 50L Speed Backpack


Ridiculously lightweight at only 1080 grams, a huge capacity of 51 litres and 10 year guarantee, is this the best 2-3 day rucksack Quechua have made? I’m seriously impressed and here’s why.

Main Compartment, Pockets & Straps

The Main compartment holds 51 litres, making it suitable for multi-day hikes. It can also be access from the bottom. The main pocket features a pouch to hold a water bladder. I used my 3 L water bladder at full capacity and it fit perfectly. My only criticism is the lack of a strap inside to hook your water bladder onto. The mouthpiece can be directed out of the bag from both the right and left side to suit individual preference.

The bag also features two external mesh pockets that can hold items of considerable size. Straps over these external meshes mean you can compress them down, a fantastic feature. I was able to put my tripod in one side and strap the bottom and top into the bag, keeping it safe.

The front of the bag features a zip pocket that has pull cords, great for slipping a map into, or anything you want quick access too.

The waste straps pull inwards, making it extremely easy to achieve a really snug fit around your waist for optimum load transfer. The waist straps don’t have a lot of padding and this may be more of an issue on multi-day hikes.


The straps feature less padding, and this sheds considerable weight. But is it comfortable? Absolutely, I found it great and I had it loaded up with a days, food, water, filming equipment, and waterproofs. The straps hold weight really well and


The back features an AIR-MESH providing heat to be transferred away from the body keeping you cooler. This feels very comfortable and just feels like the one piece of material. A really well designed system by Quechua.


The outer layer of the bag features a water repellent membrane, but this should be used in conjunction with dry sacks. Put everything you want to keep dry in dry sacks and you should never be caught out. You can renew the waterproofness of the Forclaz 50 Speed by using a Novadry re-waterproofer. Quechua have managed to make a water resistant bag got only £39.99, an impressive feat.

Adjusting The Backpack

Adjustability of any backpack is vital, a poorly adjusted bag will leave you sore and tire you out, so how does the Forclaz 50 Speed help you to get the perfect fit. Simply pull the waist straps in and make sure they’re positioned around the waist, siting above the pelvis. Next pull the arm straps until the straps follow the curve of your shoulder. You may need a mirror to check this, or a fellow hiker. Lastly pull the load adjuster straps, to bring the bag closer to your back.

Thumb Straps

If it wasn’t for our Product Trainer, Dom Evans, I wouldn’t have known about thumb straps. These were first designed by Quechua and actually make a lot of sense. Simply grab the straps with you thumbs and rest your arms, it’s actually a really comfortable position to hold when walking.


The Forclaz 50 Speed is a bag that offers a lot for it’s price of £39.99. It’s staggering how light it is and regardless of it’s light weight design, extremely comfortable. The AIR-MESH works amazingly, keeping you cooler. Just like all Quechua backpacks, the bag comes standard with a 10 year guarantee.

Not convinced that the straps offers enough padding? Then the Forclaz 50 Easyfit may be the better choice (http://www.decathlon.co.uk/forclaz-easyfit-50-backpack-id_8300849.html)

(Notes on the Author – Danny Foster is an avid runner and nutrition expert currently studying BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University. He works in our Sheffield Decathlon branch and currently works as an expert Sports Adviser; ensuring each running/nutrition customer leaves the store kitted out with everything they need for their next race. Danny is also an expert in injury prevention, functional movement corrective exercises and biomechanical analysis. Drop in to our Sheffield store to speak with Danny for nutrition, training and product advice. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available –http://www.decathlon-jobs.co.uk/)

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