Product Review: GEONAUTE ONnight 200+ Headlamp


Product Review: GEONAUTE ONnight 200+ Headlamp

The Geonaute ONnight 200+ headlamp is a powerful 80 Lumen head torch, perfectly designed for outdoor activities at night.  Featuring easy to use push-buttons that can be used with gloves; offering three light settings of brightness and a red light for close reading, as not to impair night vision. There is also a setting for a flashing red light for being seen.  With a one-click system, changing between light settings is both easy and well designed.  Using maximum power mode, a distance of 46 m (151 ft) and 18 m (59 ft) in eco setting, is reached.  The ONnight 200+ also offers a wide beam setting.  I found all three lighting conditions to be brilliant.  I mostly used the power mode during very dark sections of my runs, whilst the eco mode helped to make myself visible on roads where being easily seen by vehicles was important.  The wide light setting was fantastic on windy sections of trail, were distance was less important.  Costing only £15.99, the ONnight 200+ head lamp is an absolute bargain and here is why!


The clever adjustable system attached to the headlamp allows for the light beam to be focused at seven different angles.  This was extremely easy to use and very useful when changing between windy trails and straight roads.

Battery Life

The head torch is powered by 3 AAA batteries, weighs only 108 g and provides up to 67 hours on eco mode, 40 hours on maximum power providing distances of 18 m to 46 m respectively.  The head torch is, however, only resistant to water splashes (1ATM), making it unsuitable for night activities were rain is likely.  The batteries are very easy to change and even if you required more than 40 hours of lighting, it wouldn’t be difficult to carry spare batteries.


I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it was to adjust the head strap and find the perfect fit.  Even when running on rocky trails, the head torch did not move at all.  The plastic material that houses the batteries fits snugly to the front of your head. I found I quickly forgot that I was wearing a head strap around my head.  I was also extremely impressed with the head torch not moving when adjusting the angle of lighting.


The ONnight 200+ head torch is the perfect nighttime accessory for night hikes, running, climbing and even cycling.  It offers great performance, quality and value for money.  With great battery life, powerful lighting and easy adjustment; I would highly recommend to anyone who does night activities were visibility is important. Costing only £15.99, I am staggered by the performance and quality of the ONnight 200+ headlamp.  Having used considerably more expensive headlamps in the past, I wasn’t expecting to find the ONnight 200+ headlamp so great to use. Forget the early morning run, it’s all about those night runs now!  Remember to stay safe and to always remember to wear clothing or accessories that are fluorescent when out in the dark.


Power: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Weight: 4/5

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