Product Tester Reviews: The Domyos Push Up Gain

Push Up Gain

Our Product Tester competitions give you the chance to win some of our most innovative products and provide your feedback about those products. In January, we gave you the opportunity to test the Domyos Push Up Gain, a product designed for anybody who does push ups. Throughout February the Product Tester winners Christopher, David, Guy, Natasha and Tina tested the product, and have given their verdict below.


One of the innovations of the Push Up Gain is the ability to change the product from a flat, stable base into one with a rounded, unstable base. This instability is designed to increase the intensity of each push up, meaning that along with using your strength to execute the push up and hold your body in position, you also have to use your strength to maintain your balance. Guy, Natasha and Tina all enjoyed this design feature and notice the greater challenge of training whilst the product was in unstable mode, whilst Christopher said it was “Good for keeping you on your toes.”

Our Product Testers noticed the increased intensity when the Push Up Gains were set to unstable mode.
Our Product Testers noticed the increased intensity when the Push Up Gains were set to unstable mode.


Whilst instability can improve the intensity of the workout, if a product of this nature slips around on the floor it can lead to injuries. Natasha was impressed by the Push Up Gains in this regard, saying “(My husband and I) love that they don’t slip at all like ones we have used in the gym before,” whilst David remarked on how the product was strong enough to withstand an intensive workout. Guy meanwhile was impressed by the grip on the handles, also noting that the handles were “Easy to put on and take off.”


Whilst some will only use the Push Up Gain at home, the product is also highly portable. Tina found the product easy to put together and take apart, making them great for storage. This design, when combined with the size and light weight of the product, makes it ideal for travel, something which impressed Christopher, David and Tina.


Whilst the Product Testers were impressed with the overall quality of the product, both Christopher and Guy noticed a slight rattle when using the product. Whilst this did not impact on the quality of the their workout, it did present a minor irritation for both.


The Product Testers were all impressed with the quality and value of the Domyos Push Up Gain, with an average score of 4.2 out of 5 across the five Testers. Tina liked the fact that the Push Up Gains offered the opportunity to progressively increase the challenge and intensity of the workout, whilst Guy described them as “An extra dimension to push ups.”

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