Domyos Feel Beautiful Sports Bra


Summer is approaching, we can see the light at the end of the wintery tunnel and we’ve all started dreaming of months filled with running, tennis and the great outdoors.

Ladies… before you start looking at new running shoes and before you even start thinking about a new tennis racket I need you to look into your underwear drawer and fish out your sports bras. If you have even just one in there, good on you! If you don’t then we need to fix that! Studies show that 44% of women in the UK don’t wear a sports bra to exercise and as such are damaging their breasts everytime they exercise.

Breasts aren’t made of muscle so you won’t be able to exercise them back into shape later in life. Once your breasts start to sag there’s little you can do to return them to their original shape. It doesn’t matter the size of your breasts either. Studies have shown even A cups can move up to 40mm away from their usual resting position during unsupported exercise.

It’s not only the aesthetic elements that you should be wearing a sports bra for. A bra that doesn’t give you the right support can allow your breasts to cause you back and shoulder problems. You should think about replacing your sports bra around every six months. When trying on a bra make sure it fits you nicely when connected using the outer clip. This is so that you can start on the outer clip and work your way in as the bra begins to naturally stretch from washing and wearing.

So with all the benefits why are we still not wearing sports bras?

Well it never has been the most attractive piece of underwear. Whilst we all know we should have one it’s pretty depressing when it squashes your breasts into one lump. If you have been known to wear a padded bra under a sports bra to keep your shape or a regular underwired bra with your sports bra because you have larger breasts and feel it gives you extra support then you are not alone. I’m sure plenty of us have tried these methods in the past but now it’s all about to change!

Feel beautiful sports bra pinkThe Domyos Feel Beautiful Bra has been researched and manufactured to provide more support, give you more shape and let you “Feel Beautiful” whilst you exercise!

Previously sports bras supported by compressing (or more accurately “squashing”) which restricts the breasts natural movements. Domyos have designed the Feel Beautiful with denser elasticated zones in key areas to support the breasts whilst they retain their natural shape. These zones reduce the impact to the breasts by around 50%.

The Feel Beautiful is seamless and the cups cover the full breast to give more support than “crop top style” sports bras. The straps can be adjusted to suit racerback vests or regular style tops.

The Feel Beautiful is a collaboration between Domyos and Oxylane Research, a key Research and Development team of Decathlon’s parent company Oxylane. Together they have created a new force in the sports bra market.

The Domyos Feel Beautiful Bra is available exclusively at Decathlon, both in store and online. It comes in sizes 30B to 40E and in bright pink or classic black. It’s time to chuck out your old overwashed sports bra, get yourself to Decathlon and start to Feel Beautiful as you exercise!

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