What Is An E-Bike?


If electric bikes are completely new to you, here’s what you need to know: an e-bike is essentially a normal bike with an electric motor and a battery pack. It still has pedals, the motor just boosts your input meaning you can ride further, for longer or up bigger hills with less effort.

The advantages of an e-bike

  • Despite the motorised aspect, e-bikes are still great exercise as you only get out what you put in
  • Unlike other motorised forms of transport, they don’t need vehicle tax, insurance or a licence to use, and you can ride yours wherever you’d ride a normal bike, including cycle paths. You just need to be 14-years old to ride on a public road
  • They’re a lot cheaper than you might think – prices start at around £500 and battery charging costs are a lot less than fuel prices
  • They’re great for stop-start journeys as well as long commutes–some electric bikes can take you an astounding 90km on a single charge!
  • Got a need for speed? These supped-up, road-going bikes average 15mph and you can go even faster with a little more legwork
  • Unlike electric cars, which need specific charging gear, electric bikes plug into normal sockets, so you’re a lot more likely to find a power point en route somewhere
  • If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, electric bikes are much greener than cars. They do consume electricity, but much less than even the greenest cars and motorbikes, and they don’t produce exhaust fumes
  • E-bikes are fun. While you may be unsure about trying an electric bike to start with, many cyclists who do say the sensation of a tailwind behind you the whole time is hard to beat

Who should buy an e-bike?

City dwellers, we’re looking at you. Traffic is a nightmare, public transport can be unreliable and expensive and exercise is a distant memory for workers who rise when it’s dark and return home when it’s even darker–which makes these gridlock-swerving, cost-effective and calorie-burning creations perfect. Other than those facing a daily commute, e-bikes are a great investment for anyone looking to carry a heavier load, riders who are building endurance or anyone who needs help keeping up with a faster partner or cycling buddy.

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