Product Review: Quechua Clic Lighting System


Quechua Clic Lighting System

The Quechua Clic lighting system is brand new, versatile lighting system with infinite solutions. Clic is available in a number of forms to suit the many different demands of hikers and campers. The three kits available include – the Clic, Clic Hike and the Clic Camp each designed with various accessories to cope with the demands of many users. Each kit is based around the Clic lantern which, on its own, weighs in at a mere 35 grams. This small light is essentially a single LED on the front of a rechargeable battery, all enclosed in a fully weather proof shell, which is tested to the IPX4 norms. The first click of the power button turns on a red light to help you retain your night vision if hiking at night, further clicks cycle through the 20, 35 and 50 lumen settings each providing a huge beam for such a small light. With a full charge, the Clic lantern can beam its maximum of 50 lumens for a total of 5 hours, ideal for hiking over difficult terrain or just when sat in the tent in the evening. On its lowest setting of 20 lumens, the battery will last a minimum of 12 hours which is more than long enough for a few nights in the wild.

The true versatility of the click lighting system, however, lies in its quick release mounting system. With a simple twist, the Clic can be attached to one of its three mounts or the USB charger which can simultaneously charge up to five lanterns at any one time. The 3 mounts include: a simple clip for attaching the light to a number of different places, a head torch clip for turning the Clic into a head torch and lastly a funky magnet clip which enables you to place the Clic anywhere inside your tent just like a light in your own home. These 3 accessories come in 3 differing packs.

The least expensive pack is the Clic basic which contains the lantern, USB charger and a clip allowing the lantern to be attached to countless objects including backpack straps, clothing and tents. This attachment is particularly useful when talking to people, as when attached to the chest strap of a backpack at night, it enables the light to shine but doesn’t shine in the eyes of whoever you are talking to like a head torch would.

The next option is the Clic Hike which contains everything that the Clic basic does but also comes with a headband mount so that the lantern can be used as a standard head torch. This attachment is essential if you plan to hike over difficult terrain or just walk in a drunken haze back to your tent and will ensure that the path ahead is fully illuminated.

The final pack, the Clic Camp tent pack, comes with two lanterns, a charger, two magnet accessories and a remote control. The magnet accessories are very useful for illuminating bedrooms and living areas easily. To do this one magnet is placed on the outside of the inner tent and the other magnet, with the lantern attached, is placed on the inside. The force between the two magnets holds the Clic lantern in place and allows it to be easily moved around to provide light to anywhere in the tent. This could be to light up a cooking area for a late night cup of hot chocolate or just to give the best light for illuminating your kit whilst packing for your next day’s hiking. This pack also contains a remote control so you don’t even have to get out of your sleeping bag to turn the lights out.

The Clic light offers many solutions for lighting whilst camping and, with a little imagination, can be the only light you need for each of your camping needs. Why not pop in to a store near you and give it a try.

(Notes on the author – Dominic Evans is a passionate hiker, climber, cyclist and skier residing in our Sheffield Decathlon branch. He currently works as an expert sports adviser ensuring each mountain sports customer leaves the store kitted out with everything they need for their next adventure. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available – )

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