Product Review: Quechua Down X-Light


Product Review: Quechua Down X-Light

During the cold winter weather, that we often experience here in the UK, it is vital that we have a well stocked winter wardrobe to help fight off the freezing temperatures. One of the best types of apparel for this kind of weather is most definitely the Down jacket. Down jackets are without doubt one of the most iconic winter weather garments used around the world due to the many properties that they offer as well as their truly timeless style. Traditionally down jackets have been very pricey. However more recently, there are more and more models becoming available that are of a high quality but with a low price, thus keeping you warm without breaking the bank. One of these highly technical but extremely well priced jackets is the Quechua Down X-Light. Having received many 5 star reviews so far this season, it promises to be a long lasting feature in the Quechua range. Recently, I was given the opportunity to test out the X-Light to see just how good this piece of apparel is and review it in this very blog…

What Does The X-Light Offer?

So, what does this Jacket offer? Weighing in at just 53 grams in a size large and packing down into a very compact little stuff sack, the X-Light offers a super lightweight construction and a high amount of compressibility ensuring that it doesn’t feel bulky and, when in a backpack, will not take up too much room. The hood is designed to form around the user’s face, thus making sure that maximum heat is retained and also that it does not fall down in high winds. Using a heat mapped construction consisting of 75/25% down/feathers that are placed around the core of the body and 100% synthetic insulation that is placed inside the arms; the X-Light provides a very well thought out construction. The Down is placed around the core where the main amount of warmth is needed whilst the synthetic insulation is placed inside the sleeves to protect against cold and moisture whilst still keeping you warm. This creates a very high performing jacket that will keep you warm in even the coldest of weather. With two functional pockets, and being available in mens and womens models in 8 colors, the X-Light is a jacket that is technical, comfortable and stylish in any cold winter weather you may encounter this season.

How Does It Perform?

On first trying on the jacket, it’s evident that they are made with a very slim-fit which is perfect for warmth retention and for layering up under an outer shell. However, it also means that you will have to go one size above your usual size to get a good fit. I found the length of the jacket to be perfect, being cut lower at the back to help prevent it bunching up when used with a backpack or when being active climbing or hiking, thus preventing you from attaining a cold back. The hood forms around your face and is not too big or too small; making it one of the best fitting hoods I have ever tested. In regards to the warmth of this jacket I found that whilst in motion it provides the perfect protection against weather less than 5 degrees centigrade, however when stationary at these cold temperatures, it is best to ensure that you use the jacket in combination with a fleece to provide extra insulation. Nevertheless this is a very warm jacket that is perfect for a cold commute to work or even when hiking in the mountains. Using this jacket as apart of a layering system is really where I found it most useful. It fitted snugly underneath my shell jacket and did not move around causing discomfort. For cold days skiing or hiking, I will definitely be using this jacket as my go to mid layer due to both its small pack size and slim-fit, alongside its premium insulation properties.

The Quechua Down X-Light is a very well designed jacket at a true give away price. It is versatile, warm, and comfortable and will provide the perfect amount of protection from the cold in any icy weather endeavors that you undertake this season.

So there it is, a full in depth review of the super cosy Quechua Down X-Light Jacket from a mountain sports enthusiast. For more information and expert advice why not head over to to discover our full winter skiing product ranges and to find many other products that will help you pursue your passions.

(Notes on the author – Joe Broadhead is an avid climber, hiker, skier and snowboarder from our Sheffield Decathlon branch. He currently serves as our UK mountain sports expert product trainer and ensures that each of our mountain sports teams are fully trained to advise our customers professionally with sound expert knowledge. Are you interested in a job that lets you pursue your passion? Why not scoot over to our careers site and discover the many positions available – )

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