B’TWIN Road Bike Size Guide


The B’TWIN Road Bike range uses 5 different frame platforms. To help make sure you get the optimal fit for your body shape, you can find the road bike size guides for each of the models below.

Comfort vs Performance
When choosing a bike frame size, there is always a compromise between comfort and performance. If you want to improve one, you will have to be willing to sacrifice the other to a certain extent. This is something to bear in mind particularly if you find yourself on the borderline between two sizes. If performance is your main priority, choose the smaller size. If you’d prefer a more comfortable ride, the larger size will be more suitable.

Triban 500 and 500SE
The Triban 500 is available in eight sizes ranging from 43 to 63 to guarantee the best fit for rider efficiency and comfort.  The 500 SE is only available in sizes 51 to 63.  Both models up to an including size 51 come with smaller 650 wheels.road bike size guidesTriban 520 and 540
The frame used on the 520 and 540 models differs from the above model (500 and 500 SE). It comes with extra clearance for wide profile tyres (up to 32mm) and full mudguards. All sizes come with 700 wheels.TRIBAN-520-540-bike-size-guide

Ultra AF
The award winning Ultra AF has a triple butted UCI approved frame. It is light weight, very durable and is ESR ready.road bike size guides

Mach CF
The b’Twin Mach carbon frame is used by the b’Twin U19 Racing Team. It is extremely light and very responsive.road bike size guides

Ultra CF (700 and 900 models)
The b’Twin Ultra carbon frame offers the ultimate in performance. Comfortable, lightweight, fast and UCI approved for international racing.road bike size guides

The B’TWIN cycling range is available exclusively at Decathlon.

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