Winter Cycling – An Illustrated Guide

Guide to winter cycling featured image

For a cyclist, being savvy on how to stay safe is crucial at any time of year, but during a British winter, the weather really ups its game. So, cyclists are faced with two options. They can sulk and hop in a car or bus instead, or, they can wise up with a few key pointers and head out on their bikes confidently – dignity intact. We know which one we’d choose!

 Decathlon Guide To Winter Cycling ImageThis time of year presents a great opportunity to try out some different cycle routes. The National Cycle Network covers 14,700 miles across the UK, so is worth exploring for those of you who don’t fancy facing the roads in slippery conditions.

For those who cycle to work – the key is to stay motivated. Maintain that fitness that you worked so hard on throughout the summer months and take on the challenge. If you prepare yourself with the right equipment, pack a clean set of clothes to change into and leave yourself a little more time than usual to get there, you’ll be more than ready to face the commute.

One final tip? Set goals. It could be something as simple as signing up for a cycling event for a few months down the line, agreeing to cycle to work every day with a colleague or even just saving petrol money in the run-up to Christmas. Make things official, and you’ll be all the more determined to hop on your bike in the winter mornings.

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